Penners and Jiggers

I got a email from my customer from Ireland early this morning. He purchased this traveling inkwell from me recently. When I first read the email, capsule I had him confused with another customer also from England, but this customer purchased a early pastry wheel, which he refers to as JIGGERS.

The email read, “Thanks ever so much for the PENNER which I received this morning.  Better than what I expected.  A real piece of history and a marvelous addition to my collection. The packing was excellent too.”

I am always happy to get feedback from my customers, and of course since this inkwell was sent to Ireland I was happy to know that it arrived safely.

I wrote back thanking him for his feedback, but questioned the word penner. Remember, I have him confused with my customer that purchased the jigger. It’s 6 a.m. and my coffee is not done perking. (I should have waited until I drank my coffee and the caffeine kicked in)

I asked him, ” did you mean jigger instead of penner? Now I’m laughing.

This is what he said, “Well, we call them ”penners” here and in England. This is the common name for ”writing compendia”. This is exactly what I bought. They are more commonly in the shape of a ”shell” or tower, with parts which unscrew: in the bottom compartment you find a pounce pot, then the inkwell, and then, on the top part a compartment in which quills are kept. There are of course several models. There is a book, it’s the ”bible” for reference to early writing items written by Michael Finley, called ”western writing implements in the age of the quill pen”.  A must if you are interested in these.”

Michael Finley! What! That’s my customer! He is the one I had him confused with!! So Michael is the author of the book he is referring to! He is the one that purchased the JIGGER from me, and told me he is currently writing a book about jiggers!

I told him I had him confused with my customer that just happens to be the author of the book he referred me to, and that he purchased a early jigger, or pie crimper, from me and that he was currently writing a book about them.

He asked me what a jigger was. Laughing still.

I sent him this photo. He wrote back, “now I know what a jigger is.”

So now I too know I know all about jiggers and penners, and perhaps you have learned something too.

I hope I have explained this without confusing you.

We were both blown away by the coincidence. Are you?


3 Responses to “Penners and Jiggers”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Hi Carole: What a cute story. Would love to read the book.

  2. tj Says:

    …lol…That is a coincidence and yes – I had to reread just to make sense of it all. Sad part is, I had my coffee already. *sigh*giggle* :o )

    …Great story! Funny how our lives intertwine with one another in some form or fashion.

    …Btw, love my new issue of Early Homes altho’ it has a bit more advertising than what I prefer, but still love it nonetheless. Thank you Carole!

    …Have a lovely day & a (((hug))) to you!

    …Blessings. :o )

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