My Day In Court

I just had to share this story with you. Back in September it was necessary for me to became power of attorney for my brother, cialis sale and now it is sadly necessary that I become his guardian. On Thursday I had to report to the Lancaster County Courthouse to allow a judge to hear my case. We got there a bit early so Bill and I walked across the street for a cup of coffee and pastry. The bakery looked so beautiful all decked out with beautiful treats all ready for Valentine’s Day.

So much to look at but so little time!

Now it was time to go to the courthouse.

We took the elevator up to the third floor where we met our attorney, viagra and walked into the courtroom. My attorney turned to me and said, check “are you nervous”, to which I replied, “no, not at all.” After all, what’s there to be nervous about?

There sat the court stenographer. In came the judge. My brother’s doctor would not appear in court to testify to my brother’s condition, so they called my brother’s social worker, and had her testify by phone. I became very emotional as I listened to them talk about my brother and his mental and physical condition. It was heartbreaking, and it was impossible for me to control my tears. When that testimony was over I was asked to take the stand. What!!!!!! Take the stand!! Me?  Oh, no!! I have never done this before! Ok. This is fine. I can do this. No problem, but it would have been nice if he actually told me that I would have take the witness stand!

Ok, so I get up out of my seat and walk to the witness witness stand. I raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I am seated. I am asked to state my name, and relationship. Ok. No problem.

Then a series of questions begin. All of a sudden my head feels like it’s on fire! Like it could could explode!!!!! I am trying to calm myself down, but it’s not working. I look around and all eyes are on me!! Yikes!!! I am so nervous I have to strain to hear the questions that I am being asked. I try to pull myself together, but it’s not working! I look at my husband who is seated right behind our attorney, and he had this puzzled look on his face, like, what is wrong with you!

Finally,it was over, no more questions, and I could go back to my seat. There were a couple of steps, and I heard someone say, watch your step. Oh, please, Lord, do not let me fall! My knees felt like jelly, but I made it.

The judge was kind. I think everything will work out.

As we walked out of the courtroom we were all laughing about how nervous I looked. Our lawyer told me many of his clients react the same way I did, which made me feel a whole lot better. He said there is a chemical in your brain that takes over and clouds your thoughts, making it hard to think.

Bill and I laughed about it all the way home, and we’re still laughing.

12 Responses to “My Day In Court”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Car, You could never, (nor would you ever) complain that your life is boring. I probably would have either been speechless or babbled incoherently! So glad you were able laugh with you dear hubby all the way home!

  2. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Rebecca. We’re still laughing!! Bill said he wishes he had a picture of the look on my face. lol

  3. Barb Says:

    Carole, it may have been a blessing that you did not know you had to testify. Several years ago my husband and I had to testify (In Federal Court) against a family member. It was very difficult but we could not withhold the information that we had. I knew for over a year that we were going to testify (our Court system is very slow) and it haunted me and caused many sleepless nights. My Husband and I agreed that it was the hardest “Right Thing” that we ever had to do. I hope you are doing well and please come back to Lancaster County and visit us again under more pleasant circumstances.
    Blessings to you,

  4. carolemurals Says:

    I was telling my husband on the way home, how difficult it would be to have to testify against a family member. That must have been very hard for you, but as you said, it was the right thing to do.
    I am doing ok, thank you. I spend a lot of time in antiquing in Lancaster County as you might already know. Love the area.
    Blessings to you too.

  5. Barbara Says:

    Wow! I sure bet you are glad it is all over. Once I had to take the stand for an accident that I had been the only witness to . It had been 7 years since it had happend and I couldn’t remeber a thing. They had statements I had made at the time, but I was only 13 or 14 then. I had the rubber legs too. The sheriff had even come to my house with a subpoena! I hope you at least had one of those delicious looking chocolate dipped strawberries for all your hard work!

  6. Jenny Depa Says:

    Hello Carole! I hope your brother is doing as well as possible. I am the financial executor and POA for my mother while my sister is her medical executor. I would rather not have this authority delegated to me, but we must do what is necessary to ensure the care of our loved ones.

    I think I would share a similar reaction as your court appearance! It can be very intimidating, I think! I hope you shared a well-deserved ‘sweet’ with your husband from the bakery!!


  7. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Jenny. I am so happy to hear from you, and glad to know you still read my blog.
    Thank you so much for mentioning my brother. It’s very difficult having the responsibility for someone else’s life. As you know, I too was POA for my mother, but this is my only sibling, he is younger then me, and for me to have to put him in a nursing home and then sell his property and all of his, and his wife’s belongs is, is heartbreaking for us.
    Take care.

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