Welcome New Doll Artisan Cindy Gray

A few weeks ago while antiquing in a shop in Paradise, hospital Pennsylvania, clinic I noticed a woman purchasing some wonderful early fabrics. I was curious and asked what she was going to make with them. She told me she made dolls. We talked for a few minutes and I told her about my website and my American Artisan Store and how I was looking for someone that makes dolls with early fabrics for my Artisan store. We exchanged email addresses and a week later Cindy sent me photos of her wonderful folk art dolls.

Cindy Gray has been stitching and creating since she was a child. Influenced by her grandmother, rx a strong willed wife of a farmer. That Luzerne County, Pennsylvania farm sparked a passion for learning about the past, a love of the land and nature. Cindy continues seeking bonds with day to day life in the 18th and 19th centuries. The folk art, needlework, and toys made by inspired women, by candle light, for necessity, made for art or for love continue to inspire. All of her pieces are her design. Each is one of a kind, made from antique and vintage fabric. Each doll is all hand stitched.

Cindy Gray’s work appeared in Collector’s Magazine, Country Home, Southern Living, Home For The Holiday, Early American Homes, and Early American Life. Early American Homes, working with prominent museums, seven times listed Cindy Gray among the top 200 traditional work artisans. Cindy had the honor of making an ornament for the White House Christmas tree in 1999. I am so proud to offer Cindy’s creations in my American Artist & Artisans store.

I am so happy and honored to offer Cindy’s wonderful folk art dolls to my customers, so be sure to visit my website.

Welcome Cindy!

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