More Folk Art Pages

Last Friday I met a dealer friend of mine, physician someone I have been buying from for many many years. She always has the most interesting items, and I love that she always tells me a little about everything I purchase from her. She knew that I loved the Mennonite folk art ledger pages, and how much my customers loved them too. She promised to let me know first hand if and when the collector ever decided to sell the rest of her collection. I was surprised to hear from her and excited to see what she had for me.

I purchased 4 folk art pages. I should have them on my website some time today, along with a few other nice early antiques. I hope you will stop by, you just might find a treasure that you can’t resist.

Have a blessed day.


2 Responses to “More Folk Art Pages”

  1. tj Says:

    …I too love those ledger pages, so naive and folky. :o )

    …And need I say how much I adore that candlestick?! That one is swoon-worthy as sure as I’m sitting here! ;o)

    …Thinking of you. (((hug)))

    …Blessings. :o )

  2. Jenny Says:

    Love the little folk art musings and WOW the penmanship…don’t see that much anymore!

    Hugs! ()

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