In 1621, viagra the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, prescription days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states.

Did you know that lobster, pilule rabbit, chicken, fish, squashes, beans, chestnuts, hickory nuts, onions, leeks, dried fruits, maple syrup and honey, radishes, cabbage, carrots, eggs, and goat cheese are thought to have made up the first Thanksgiving feast? What, no turkey and pumpkin pie! I wonder what they put the maple syrup and honey on?

Here are some facts about Thanksgiving you may not know.

On the West Coast of the US, Dungeness crab is common as an alternate main dish instead of turkey, as crab season starts in early November.

The Plymouth Pilgrims dined with the Wampanoag Indians for the First Thanksgiving.

A spooked turkey can run at speeds up to 20 miles per hour!! They can also burst into flight approaching speeds between 50-55 mph in a matter of seconds!

In October of 1777 all 13 colonies celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time; however it was a one-time affair commemorating a victory over the British at Saratoga.

I do wish all of you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving Day. This is a very difficult time for our family after the passing of our son William this past April. This year I will not be cooking on Thanksgiving day for my family, as I have done for the past 50 years. This year we will be with friends.



7 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Happy blessed Thanksgiving ~~ and to all our loved ones who may not be seated at our table, but are always within our hearts!

    P.S. i like the fact that goat cheese was at the first T-Day! :)


  2. rachael kinnison Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Carole! Your son will be with you tomorrow, as he is every day~ have been thinking of you & hope you realize how Blessed you are :) Was worried about you all in the storm and happy you all fared well! Have a wonderful day tomorrow with Bill & Missy & your Mum too~ xoxox rachael

  3. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Jenny. You are so right about loved ones being in our hearts forever. I feel my son with me each and every day.
    I understand your feelings about the goat cheese!
    Blessings on Thanksgiving and always

  4. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Rachael. What a nice surprise to hear from you. Thank you for such a lovely comment. Thank you for thinking of us during Sandy, and still after all this time, mentioning it to me. I prayed during that storm, and during it, a peace and calm came over me. I knew we would be alright. Sure enough, it made a quick turn towards the north and we were out of any danger.
    Sending blessings

  5. tj Says:

    …I do hope this lil’ note finds you now enjoying a most lovely Thanksgiving Eve surrounded by those you love Carole. May your heart be filled with gratitude and love as you count your blessings one by one and may you find comfort in knowing that your dear son is with you, every day. He will always be your angel in being your child, but he is now your guardian angel – a blessing two fold.

    …Happy Thanksgiving!

    …Bless you.

  6. carolemurals Says:

    Hi TJ. We were invited to friend’s house for dinner. It was a happy house and we had a nice time. We were happy to get back home. We just wanted to be quiet. Thank God for our daughter, Melissa, who brings us joy.
    I hope you and your family had a blessed Thanksgiving day.

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Carole…
    This is not a comment about your blog. I went to your Web page and tried to contact you through that page but nothing happened when I pressed contact or feedback.
    Anyway, I got on one of your blog page as I was searching for trading cards from the 1950′s and you had a picture there. Even though these were in groups with an elastic, i could tell that they are the type I have been looking for everywhere, to no avail.
    I collected them when I was quite young and don’t have any but wondered Df anyone carried any and what the price would be.
    do you sell them? If not could you steer me to places that might?
    Thank you

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