The Ice House Antique Show

My friend, sick Lynne, invited me to go to a antique show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I like going with her and help her set up for the show, and do a little shopping for my website store, Carole’s Country Store. We left early Friday morning. The antique show was held at The Charles A. Brown Ice House. It took us all day to get everything set up. It’s a lot of hard work, but for most dealers it’s a labor of love. It was nice afterwards to go out for dinner and relax, before the show on Saturday.

The show started at 9 a.m., and soon customers began to arrive.

Lots of wonderful primitives were for sale and people were doing a lot of buying, a good sign that the economy is slowing coming back.

One of the most interesting items I saw were these early tin shoes.

They were not made to be actually worn, whimsical objects like these were given as a gift for a couple’s 10th wedding anniversary. These gifts were always made of tin, since tin is normally given on the 10th wedding anniversary, and they were always whimsical. Today they are rare, and very collectable pieces of folk art. This top hat is another example of anniversary tin.

The show was successful. Most of the dealers were pleased. It was a fun weekend, and I was happy to come home with lots of wonderful antiques for my store website. This week I’ll be photographing everything, getting them ready to put on my website. Be sure to stop by and see what I have for sale.



7 Responses to “The Ice House Antique Show”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Car, I wish I would have known, We were there Sat. morning! Fabulous show, as always. Lynne always has the best treasures. I never notice anyone when shopping, especially for antiques. Headed over to Gov. Wolf, another lovely show too, afterwards. Have a great spring day!

  2. tj Says:

    …Oh dear, what a show! I so wish I lived near your area as you are always are privy to the best antique shows. Lucky girl you! ;o)

    …Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. And those tin shoes are the cat’s meow. :o )

    …Enjoy your day!


  3. tj Says:

    …Oops! One to many “are’s” in that first sentence. Must have more coffee… ;o)

  4. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Rebecca. Darn, I wish I knew you were there. I understand what you mean about not really noticing people because we are so excited about looking at the antiques.
    Did you go into Lynne’s booth? I was standing right in front of it. Next time I am going to a show, I am going to mention it so anyone that I know is going, can let me know. This weekend I’ll be at the Elverson show and then the following week the Kimberton show.

  5. carolemurals Says:

    hi tj. first of all, I am not grading anyone on their comment. :)
    I sure wouldn’t want to count my mistakes! Good to hear from you this morning.
    carole xo

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, yes, I was there. As usual, loved everything. I showed Jim a pix of you and he said “oh yes, I remember her… she was right there!” …Ha, Ships in the night… Hoping to get to Kimberton.

  7. carolemurals Says:

    I’ll be with Lynne at Kimberton so look for me in her booth!

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