When I was about 10 years old my dad bought 200 acres of land from a farmer in Rising Sun, doctor Maryland. The town Rising Sun was located in the disputed “Nottingham Lots” along the border between colonial Pennsylvania, for sale  and Maryland, in the early 18th century. This area was claimed by William Penn, and settled by the Quakers in 1702, over the objection of Maryland. When Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon conducted a survey of the order in the 1760s, Rising Sun was found to be located in Maryland, not Pennsylvania.

My mother and dad loved going, it was a great getaway for them, but my brother and I never wanted to go. We were kids, and just wanted to be with our friends. My mother suggested inviting a friend to come along, so that’s what I did. Better!

There was a beautiful creek that ran through the property. We loved walking on the rocks. My dad had a log cabin built, and I remember the fun my mother had furnishing it, making curtains and filling her cupboard with treasures. There was a huge pond and we loved going swimming. Then one day my dad bought me my own horse, and my little brother, a pony. It was a dream come true! I spent most of my day riding and taking care of my horse. He became my best friend. I loved him so much.

There was an old barn too. Inside was a red jeep. I can remember my dad driving it, as my mother, grandmother and aunt held onto the sides as we bounced around laughing and sometimes singing, as we drove over hill and dale. That was a long long time ago, and it’s nice to think about those times again. So, thank you TJ and Barbara for asking me to write about my horse. It was fun reliving those memories, and looking at old photos again. I wish my dad was still alive so that I could tell him how much I appreciated all that he did for us. Maybe I did, and just don’t remember.



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  1. tj Says:

    …You. (((hug)))

    …What a wonderful story and a wonderful glimpse into your childhood. Btw, your horse is beautiful! Did you enter into shows or competitions at all? Oh, and what was your horse’s name?

    …Thank you dear Carole for sharing such a sweet story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :o )


  2. carolemurals Says:

    Thanks, TJ. I am always hesitant to talk about myself, but since a couple of my readers asked, I thought I would talk about my horse. I named my horse Goldie, and our dog was named Cindy, a collie.
    So good to hear from you. It always is. Hope you are enjoying your magazine!

  3. Jenny Says:

    What a beautiful childhood, filled with loving memories! Thanks for sharing a peek into your past… a beautiful horse too!

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