Two Early Hand Sewn Dresses

The other day I was out visiting a friend. It was so nice to get away from my normal routine, prostate one which I have to say, sick I do love. Anyway, stuff we had a  wonderful visit. On the way home I stopped at a little antique shop that normally I never visit. I just never find anything there. On this day something was drawing me inside. Nothing caught my eye, until I spotted a dress hanging in the corner of one of the booths. It was this lovely early young girl’s dress! 19th century, maybe earlier.

I have looked this dress over completely, and discovered that it is sewn completely by hand. The workmanship on this dress is amazing. Full of the tiniest little stitches. Don’t you just love those beautiful sleeves! All the gathering of fabric at the waist and shoulder area. Then I discovered that the entire bottom of the wonderful dress was done in crewlwork, all wool. So perfectly sitched!

Isn’t it beautiful. I have always loved crewelwork. Many years ago when I was in my 20′s I made some crewelwork Williamsburg reproduction pictures. I still love them today and I still enjoy looking at them.

On a  recent trip to Ohio I purchased a piece of 18th century crewelwork. It’s gorgeous, and it has renewed my interest in this beautiful art of stitching. Gosh, maybe I already showed it to you, but in case I didn’t here it is again.

Along with the girl’s dress, I found a young child’s dress. It too is completely hand sewn and very nicely done. I read somewhere that these little white dresses were referred to as “lawn dresses”. This one will be for sale Carole’s Country Store soon.



3 Responses to “Two Early Hand Sewn Dresses”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Such talented hands! The color! The crewel work is stunning!

  2. carole holt Says:

    Hi Jenny! I am told that what makes it so special is the crewelwork, not often seen on a dress.

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