I could have moved right into this house and not changed a thing. I love the stenciling in the dining room. I have the same paint color on my woodwork. In 1999, recipe when I first started painting murals as a business, thumb I painted one in my dining room. It goes all around the room and I still enjoy looking at it. After seeing this stenciling, I thought of painting over it and doing stenciling for a change. I quickly decided that I just could not do that. I have some stenciling in my upstairs hall, but I really loved the antiqued background in this room. I am thinking that my hallway will be my next project, but not until after the holidays.

The living room is small, but very cozy and wonderful! The portrait is early 18th century, as are most of the items in this house.

This painted cupboard was filled with early redware. The early trencher was wonderful with it’s original red paint. I love collecting early leather books too. I think they make a wonderful display in any room of the house.

I loved this early candlebox, in it’s original black paint and it’s cutout design. When you decorate a room, always keep in mind that something painted black just gives the room an extra nice feeling. The herbs on her windsills added a lot to the party too. If you don’t have enough light to grow them, at least 6 hours, there are a lot of very good artificial ones on the market, many look like the real thing.

I loved the table in the center of the room. The bittersweet added the perfect pop of color. ┬áThe pears are not real and they look wonderful, don’t you think!



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  1. Bill and Judy Says:

    Very nice collection.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for sharing… a life-long treasury!

  3. tj Says:

    …Don’t you dare paint over your mural! Seriously. If you do, I will personally come to Delaware and give you a talkin’ to! ;o)

    …hee,hee…You can do what you want, really. I’m just teasing but please don’t paint over your mural. Stenciling just can’t hold a candle to what you do with a paint brush. :o )

    …I adore this home! Simply adore. Honestly, it reminds me so much of your own home. From what I’ve seen in photos your home is perfection no matter where you turn.

    …Thank you for sharing!

    …Blessings :o )

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