It’s Over!

Thank goodness it’s finally over!!¬†We really lucked out with this hurricane. We were prepared for the worse, pilule but it wasn’t so bad. Ha!, now that it’s over I can that.

Around 6:30 p.m. the wind really picked up, gusts about 60 mph, with pounding rain. We could hear a loud sound in the distance. Still don’t know what that was. There were reported tornadoes in our area. We even saw lightening.This was early on so we were thinking that this would be really scary. That was as bad as it got, thankfully. Sure we got tons of rain and high winds, but it wasn’t constant, it would start and stop. We got water in our basement, and we do have the sump pump running, not sure where it got in. The electricity went of twice during the night but came right back on. Strange, it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t that windy. Right now the sky is getting blue and the winds have died down. As far as I am hearing, Rehoboth Beach, DE. is okay. We’re going down on Tuesday, This week is supposed to be beautiful, sunny and in the 70′s and low 80′s. All is well here in Wilmington, Delaware.

9 Responses to “It’s Over!”

  1. tj Says:

    …Yay! *applause* Hearing that you are okay and that this is now over is great news! This kind of news makes me happy! :o )

    …Yes! “HAPPY DAY” is right Miss Carole! ;o)


    …Blessings :o )

  2. carolemurals Says:

    tj, your comments are always bursting with so much enthusiasm. they make me smile all the time.

    Blessings to you to friend

  3. Barbara Melotto Says:

    So glad you survived the storm. Here in Ct we weren’t so lucky. Some homes at the shore even washed away. Many trees down, flooding. and many, including myself, still have no power. Of course work does! I grew up at the shore so learned early to always be prepared. Scrabble is so much fun by candlelight! Happy it is over.

  4. Joy Says:

    So glad you were spared the worst, Carole! We were watching the storm coverage all weekend. We’ll keep thinking of everyone with all the cleanup. :)

    btw love the new security questions! Thank heaven the math is basic. lol

  5. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Barbara. I am so sorry that CT took such a hit. I can not imagine loosing my home, it’s very sad to hear. Loosing power is not fun! and I hope yours returns quickly. Everything is fun by candlelight. :)

  6. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Joy. Thank you for checking in. We had our TV on all weekend too. I am thankful that we came thru it ok and that the storm was not as bad for most along the east coast as predicted, but it’s so sad when there are lives lost.
    Sorry about having a security question but I was getting a lot of spam and had to do it.

  7. Jenny Says:

    Hi Carole! So happy to hear minimal damage in your area. Loosing power is a hardship for us…and when my basement flooded a year ago, I thought I would die! I can’t imagine so many people loosing a home…and more…in the wake of any ‘natural’ disaster!?

    Have a great week!

  8. carolemurals Says:

    Thank you, Jenny.

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