Last week I lost my driver’s license. I don’t know how this happened. I went to make a purchase with credit card. I never sign credit cards for security reasons, site so most times I am asked for an ID. I reached for my driver’s license! Where was it! I must have looked through my wallet a half dozen times, but just wasn’t there. I just renewed it a few months ago. Oh, darn, another trip to motor vehicle.

The next day I got ready. I tried to look as nice as I could, for that dreaded photo ID. After I got there I didn’t have to wait that long. Just needed to answer a couple of questions, and have my picture taken. So I fluffed up my hair, straightened my blouse, looked straight ahead at the camera. I tried to look as pleasant as I could without smiling. Heaven forbid I should look like I’m in a police lineup! I paid my $10., and went down to the waiting room to wait for my new license.  There were several people before me. It was very quiet. Then all of  a sudden a woman about my age, maybe a little younger, was told hers was ready. She looked at it and  got hysterical laughing. “That’s me, that’s me? Look at that fat face! It’s so fat!! Look at my fat face”!She was so loud, but she was funny, and she was laughing. Then she walked over and sat down next to me and showed me her license. Again she said, “look at that, my face is so fat! Is my face that fat?, she asked. “No”, these pictures are never flattering”, I said. Then my name was called. I looked at mine. “Do I look that old”, I thought. Probably. Put it in my wallet and headed back home. It felt good to have my driver’s license.



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  1. tj Says:

    …lol…I despise the driver’s license photos – ugh! The last time I went, she took my photo 9 times! 9 times! She didn’t show it to me either after each take, she just told me, “oh no, this one doesn’t look good”, “oh, this one either”, “nope, gonna have to do this again” and at the very end she asked me, “you’re just not very photogenic are you?”… I liked to of fell out! lol… I just laughed and told her, “no I’m not”; smiled, shrugged, and left. lol… :o )

    …Glad you had a laugh while there, usually getting your drivers license renewed is equal to visiting a funeral home. Everybody there is so glum, even the employees.

    …Yeah, having a drivers license is freedom to me. I love to drive. :o )

    …Enjoy your weekend!

    …Blessings :o )

  2. carolemurals Says:

    tj, not sure I would be that nice to that woman. how rude!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Hi Carole!

    What’s the chance of finding your drivers license in a few days…just like your ‘lost’ car keys!? ;)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who misplaces things…hee hee!

  4. carolemurals Says:

    ok, smarty pants, don’t rub it in. shh, don’t remind everyone about the keys.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    When I read this, I thought I had just heard a similar story last week, and yes, it was my SIL. She lost hers in the field of a dog park. Not knowing it was even missing, she opened her front door when the bell rang, and a woman handed her her license, “Is this you?” Hah, the woman was a photographer taking pix in the park and just happened upon her license in the grass!… Yah, those pictures are always a hoot. I figure if I give them a big grin, it WON’T look like a mug shot!

  6. carolemurals Says:

    Rebecca, thanks for sharing that story. Thankfully it was only $10. to get a new one, but I would rather have my old one instead of wondering what in the world happened to it. Heaven knows how long I was driving around without it. Knowing me it’s in my purse, just like my keys were after paying $250. for new ones, now that hurts! btw, they tell you NOT to smile at our motor vehicle.
    Take care.

  7. marilyn Says:

    Hey Carole; You didn’t show us the picture!!! Just kidding, I wouldn’t show mine to a SOUL !!!

  8. carolemurals Says:

    ok, miss smarty pants. lol-great to hear from you marilyn!

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