17th Century Early 18th Century Posset Pots

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Today I want to talk about early 17th and 18th century Posset pots.

I recently purchased some wonderful pottery last weekend to sell in the American Artisan Store. It is made by S & J Pottery. While photographing a couple of fancy sugar bowls I purchased from them, treatment I emailed Sue, remedy of S & J Pottery, and asked what influenced her in the design of these 2 sugar bowls. She told me there are many examples from the late 1700′s, and as late as the 1830′s of tobacco and posset pots with similar lids. Some fancy and some simple. Some covered in colorful slips, clay bodies, and some from back splashing of glaze. I also went on the internet looking for photos of original and early examples of 17th and 18th century Posset pots. Below is an example of a early 18th century Posset pot.

Below are a couple of examples of 2 of the fancy redware sugar bowls that will be available in my store later this evening. As you can see, both were influenced by the Posset pots from the 1700′s.

Posset pots were drinking vessels with two handles and a lid. They were made of tin-lined earthenware. These ornate pots were used to to hold hot, spicy milk, curdled with ale or wine. Sometimes bread was added to make it thicker. Yuk! This drink was used to strengthen new mothers, the sick, as well as the elderly. This drink was popular from Medieval time into the 19th century. The beautiful fancy sugar bowl below, got it’s influence from these early pots.


You can also see the influence for this sugar bowl, from the early 18th century Posset Pot below.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about these pots and hope you will stop by my American Artisan Store later this evening to see all the beautiful redware pottery I’ll have for sale.




3 Responses to “17th Century Early 18th Century Posset Pots”

  1. tj Says:

    …Oh my goodness! Love, love, love the last one – so simple, folky and just darn beautiful! :o )

    …I guess a lil’ hot, spicy milk, curdled with ale or wine would strengthen anyone or anything for that matter! lol…

    …I had never heard of a Posset Pot before. Thanks for the lesson today Miss Carole! :o )

    …’Happy Friday’ & blessings too…

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