Yay, buy cialis it’s March and before we know it, it will be April! Are you like me, yearning for Spring? We have had a few mild days here and there in Delaware. Little green shoots up popping up in the garden already. The burning bushes have a green tint to them. They are tough as nails! After all the snow this Winter, the weight of it had them totally bent over. I thought they would have to be all cut back, I didn’t think they would ever recover, but they are standing erect and tall again. When did that happen? Where was I?

Today I’ll be going out to lunch with my two best girlfriends. I am looking forward to catching up and it will be good to get out of the house. While I am gone, my husband will be finishing up on my bathroom. He is remodeling it for the past few weeks, and today is the day it will be done. I have never had enough counter space in my bathroom. It’s small. Not a big elaborate one. It had a pedestal sink, with NO PLACE TO PUT ANYTHING! NO counter space either! Nothing. ¬†After today, yay, I have a place for my blow dryer and curling iron, makeup and lotions! AND it’s going to be so pretty. Simple, but nice. It’s completely white. Now I have to think about how I want to accessorize it. That’s the fun part!

Happy day


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