Circa 1814-1815 Ledger Pages

Over the weekend, health I purchased four very early pages from an  ledger dated 1814 and 1815. If you look closely you can see the dates at the top? Of course the thing that attracted me to them were the watercolor drawings of cats and horses. I thought they were just wonderful, cheap and I couldn’t wait to show them to you. I’m not sure when the drawings were done, but I thought they were wonderful!

The man I bought them from always has such wonderful things, and I always find something to buy, but I have never seen anything like these before. He was told they came out of an old Amish community located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. When I asked him about the drawings, he told me that often times paper was not readily available and children used anything they could find if they wanted to draw and paint.

I think they are just wonderful. Wouldn’t they would look amazing in an old frame? They were found tucked away in an old book, and are in perfect condition. I can remember putting drawings that my children did in books too, just to be sure they didn’t get lost. Every now and then I might find a card, or a little note or a drawing, saved from when they were small. That’s probably what happened,  mother tucked them away for safe keeping, and now they found new life. I hope you like them as much as I do.  What wonderful pieces of Americana, don’t you think? Be sure to look for them soon, and other new items in Carole’s Country Store this week, but in the meantime, I want to wish all of you a very happy and a safe Thanksgiving day.


4 Responses to “Circa 1814-1815 Ledger Pages”

  1. tj Says:

    …I love these! Funny thing, when I was little my mom would give me old bank papers or whatnot to draw on or color on. And *ahem*, that wasn’t 196 years ago either. *giggle* ;o)

    …You always offer the BEST things Carole!

    …Blessings… :o )

  2. Barb Says:

    What an awesome find (especially since they come from my hometown area). I love keeping our History alive. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings to ya,

  3. Marilyn Says:

    Carole: These are precious. You always find such nice things.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving


  4. carole holt Says:

    Hi Barb and Marilyn. I’m glad you liked the ledger pages. I think they are very special. Barb, that’s so cool that they are from your area.
    Wishing you both a blessed Thanksgiving

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