I Dodged A Bullet This Weekend

We invited our good friends, sickness Carole and Ted for dinner Saturday night. We lit a fire early and burned it all day. I love daytime fires. Later, when they arrived, Carole and I went into the living room to enjoy a glass of wine. It was relaxing, and it was nice spending the evening with good friends. The fire was beautiful. We had a lot of catching up to do, and Carole always likes to see what new things I purchased for the store. My friends and I like to do that we when we each one another’s homes. “Ok, show me what you got that’s new”, we always say. I went antiquing earlier in the day, so I had a lot to show her. Afterwards, when it was time to eat, and we went into the kitchen to see how things were going. We were out there for about 15 minutes. “Where do you want to eat, I asked, “living room or dining room”? ¬†We all agreed to eat in the living room by the fire. Good thing, when we went back in, smoke was coming out of my wing chair, and there were several large burning cinders on the floor in front of the fireplace. I could smell burning wool, it was my oriental rug! I ran to get water , while everyone scurried to stamp out the burning cinders. Now my chair has a large burn, a hole. We did not use our fire screen, I rarely do. I’m one of those that loves a fire without it, but Saturday night, I dodged a bullet. I hate to think what might have happened if we all decided to eat in the dining room!!!

Happy day


10 Responses to “I Dodged A Bullet This Weekend”

  1. christe' Says:

    oh, Carole, I’m so very glad that things turned out as well as they did.
    What a quick thing fire is…living with an open fireplace and candles is how we like to have things here and we’re constantly having to check on things~
    Thank goodness it all turned out well…

    You have the prettiest fireplace and rooms….

  2. carolemurals Says:

    It’s always so nice to know you are there. Thank you. Actually it could have turned out a lot better. Now I have a big hole on my chair, but I understand what you mean, it could have been a real disaster. Be careful!

  3. tj Says:

    …Oh girl, you are so fortunate! Fire is so tricky and deceptive and cannot be trusted, I’m just so glad that you caught it when you did. How scary! :o \

    …I agree with Christe’ up there, you do have the loveliest fireplace and decor! I just love your home! :o )


  4. carolemurals Says:

    yes, I am very fortunate.
    aw, thank you for the nice compliment, tj

  5. christe' Says:

    Good morning from snowy frosty Deerfield Farm,

    Carole, we use apple wood which doesn’t seem to spark…but still, I’m always having to make sure all is well. It wouldn’t take much for things to happen.
    Chairs can be mended and I’m so glad you and your home are safe.

    I love the hearth you have on your fireplace, can you tell me what it is?
    We’re planning to to do something different in front of ours.

    I love this picture…

  6. carolemurals Says:

    Christe’, those are 150 year old tiles that were imported by William DuPont when he was building my house. He had them shipped to the US from England. Thank you for asking.

  7. Barb Says:

    Sorry to hear about the chair and rug but your lovely home is still intact. You have something to be truely thankfull for as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.
    May you have a Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and love.


  8. tj Says:

    …Hello Carole! I was just reading your response to Christe’s comment regarding your hearth and it sparked (no pun intended;o) my curiosity regarding your home’s history. Do you have the history of your home posted on your blog somewhere? I don’t recall ever reading about it and would love too. Please let me know.

    …Blessings… :o )

  9. carole holt Says:

    Hi tj. yes, i did write about my house on my blog, but not sure when it was. I was not this past year, I am pretty sure about that. I do not live in an old house, as in 19th century. My house has Delaware history, because it was built by a member of the DuPont family in 1950. I do appreciate your asking.

  10. Jenny Says:

    Oh Carole! I just love a fire and the magic of a candle-lit room…but it also frightens me! One can never leave a room unattended! Thanks for the reminder and I’m so happy all ended well, with minimal damage. I always enjoy my visit with you! Blessings, Jenny

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