How Could I Have Missed Them!

I haven’t been able to post for a while, capsule because a couple of weeks ago I had a little accident with a power tool. I almost had my finger tips cut off. I was using an electric trimmer. It all happened so quickly and the pain was severe. Lucky for me, pilule the gardening cloves I was wearing had reinforced tips, generic and that saved me from loosing them. Oh my gosh, it hurt so bad. Lots of blood. I was afraid to look. My husband heard me screaming. It was such a shock. I was so scared. He came running over. We went inside and took off the gloves. Ok, all fingers still in tact. We wrapped my hand in a towel, and drove to the emergency room, actually an emergency center down the road. Thank goodness for them! It wasn’t as bad as I thought and I didn’t get stitches, although  I think I could have used one. So after a tetanus shot and some bandages, I went back home. They still hurt after all this time, but I can type now without using the “hunt and peck” method.

Now, here’s something that happened over the weekend. Remember I lost my keys a couple of weeks ago? It cost me close to $300. to replace my car keys. Yesterday, I was emptying a pocketbook, one I hardly ever use, BUT I wore it the day I lost my keys. You guessed it. There they were in a compartment of that purse!!!! I just stood there, staring at them, not believing what I was looking at!! My keys! These are my lost keys! I found them!!!!! HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I HAVE MISSED THEM!!!  I searched and searched this purse!!! This is what panic can do. Word of advice, try to stay calm in a panic situation, count to ten. Trust me,  your brain will function much better!



2 Responses to “How Could I Have Missed Them!”

  1. tj Says:

    …I am so sorry to hear of your mishap but relieved to hear that you are okay. You’re really fortunate that you didn’t lose your fingers girl! No more trimming for you! :o \

    …You know, I was wondering where you’ve been. My first thought was your Mom and that maybe something was going on with her and that is why you haven’t been posting. Well, I’m glad to hear you found your keys…too bad it was after the fact. But oh well, now you have an extra! :o )

    …Take care and stay away from power tools! :o )

    …Hugs and blessings too…

  2. carolemurals Says:

    tj, you are always so kind. thank you for your comments. my husband showed me how to use it properly but oh I was just so sure I knew how. Guess I was just a little too cocky.

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