A Good and A Bad Weekend

Well, cialis this weekend was good and bad. The good part was when these little guys arrived on my doorstep. About 6 weeks ago I asked Kim Sivak to make a couple of animals for my website,-http://www.carolescountry.com/  I thought since we are getting into the political season it would be fun to offer a donkey and an elephant. These are just wonderful! They are all handsewn, stuffed with rags and made of early fabric. These wonderful animals are reproductions of early Amish animals made around 1890, and they look just like the originals!!! They are in the store right now, so if you like them, be sure to go to the artisan store, http://www.carolescountry.com/artisans.html  Getting these in the mail was the good part of my weekend, now here’s the bad.

Friday I went shopping for some clothes for my mother. After paying at the register, I got out my car keys, but then decided to go look at some clothes for my daughter before I left. I kept the keys hanging on my finger. Can you tell where I’m going with this story? I picked out an outfit for Missy,  and went back to the register to pay for them. Ready to leave, I reached for my keys, and you guessed it, gone!

I didn’t panic. I knew exactly where I was when while shopping. I searched and I searched. The salespeople were so kind, they searched too. I went to customer service and told them. They made an announcement over the speaker. I went back to where I was and searched EVERY SQUARE INCH of that area where I was, but NO keys. This was crazy! Where were they?! There weren’t even that many people in the store! The scary part was when the manager of the store told me they had a couple of people they suspected of shoplifting, and around the time of the announcement about my lost keys, they went running out of the store. Now I was really worried. What if they found my keys!! All you had to do is use the “clicker” to unlock the car and off you go. I stayed with my car and called home for help. Bill arrived and helped me search again. No keys! Here’s the worse part, I have to buy the car key from the car dealer. It’s a chip key, so you can not have one made at the hardware store. Cost, $250.! Yuk, I can’t stand to pay that! I’m, not, at least not yet. I’ll drive my old jeep. I don’t care. So, that’s my good and bad weekend. What a bummer, but I’m still going to make this a-



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