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The last time I visited my friend at her home in New Hampshire, try this mural, ampoule going up her stairway, was not visible, with the exception of only of a small part of the base of the tree’s trunk. During the restoration process, the removal of the white paint that covered the wall, revealed this mural for the first time.  I have to tell you that seeing this mural on my return trip, was an absolute thrill, for this is the one I was told had the horse and hound in it. I have never seen actual Rufus Porter animals in his murals before, not in person, so this was a thrill for me to see!

R. Porter started painting his murals in the late 1700′s, early 1800′s. These murals are some of his earliest work. Many times he painted a mural in exchange for room and board as he traveled the east coast.

Can you see the hound?

Looking at these photos again is exciting. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am showing them to you.

It is thought that the water in this mural, at some point had been made bluer. Porter painted his water with a much grayer look and his sky was always grey. The person responsible for the restoration of the murals in this house is going to try to take the blue water down to it’s authentic color.

I know I have shown these view a few years ago on my first visit a few years ago, but I wanted to show this room again for those of you that did not visit my blog during that period. These have now been cleaned and they look even more wonderful. Again, as I mentioned, this water is not the original color, at least that is the consensus, but I wonder about that. Who knows, maybe it really is.

So that’s it for today. I still have more NEW photos, so if you want to see more, be sure to come back again tomorrow.



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  1. Barb K Says:

    The pictures were so worth waiting for. The murals are wonderfull. Thanks for sharing.


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