My Weekend Jaunt to Lyme, New Hampshire

Many of you might already know that a few years ago, capsule before I started my website and blog, check I painted murals in dozens of private homes in and around the Chester Country, Pennsylvania area. My influence was an itinerant painter named Rufus Porter.  Porter painted murals in private homes, mainly in the New England area. I’ll never forget my first commissioned job, how could I,  it was for the Governor’s guest house in Dover, Delaware. About 6 years ago one of my clients had a party. One of his guests recognized the mural as being done in the  Rufus Porter style. He explained that his brother lived in a home in New Hampshire, built around 1830, with original R. Porter murals in it, still intact. Long story short, the owners of the house invited us up to see the murals.  This year we were invited again, but this time there is a house tour of 5 homes that have original RP murals, and this is the first year they are open to the public.

I wasn’t looking forward to the drive. Going through New York and crossing the George Washington bridge is extremely slow. Once I was on my way, I couldn’t wait to get there! I love the state of Vermont, it’s incredibly beautiful. After passing through, into New Hampshire, the town of Lyme was not far. I stayed at the Breakfast on the Connecticut. The unpaved road leading to the inn seemed to go on forever.

Finally, I arrived.

It felt so good to get out of the car and walk around. The view was breathtaking.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the house tour.

Happy day everyone.


6 Responses to “My Weekend Jaunt to Lyme, New Hampshire”

  1. tj Says:

    …Yayee! *clapping* I can’t wait!

    …And I can’t believe that two of my works are at your home, the very home of a renowned mural artist! Very impressive Miss Carole, very impressive… :o )

    …I long to live up there. By up there, I mean New Hampshire, Delaware, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, I just wanna be “there”. *sigh*

    …Looking forward to the tour!

    …Blessin’s… :o )

  2. carole holt Says:

    Well I don’t know how renowned I was, but yes, I was a mural painter. Speaking of your works, those cats are cherished very much. Talk about talent, honey, you have some of your own you know.
    Always good to hear from you tj.
    Sending a hug to you,

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