Today is Moving Day

So many of you have written to me asking about my mother, pharmacy and I want to say thank you for your kindness. My mother has slowed down quite a bit. Some of her behavior is very odd, but that’s to be expected with people with dementia. She is still physically healthy, with the exception of arthritis in her knees, even with a walker she is very slow now.  She is 91 now, and her spirit has waned.  I have not brought her back to my house for a long while.  Getting up the steps is too difficult. I hate to see her struggle, it’s too hard on her. I wish she could come though. She always loved helping me cook, it made her feel useful.

I miss this time with her, as I miss everything about my mother. She isn’t the same at all anymore. She knows I’m Carole, and that I am her daughter, but there is a disconnect.

So today I’ll be moving her to another place. After many years of paying $6,000 a month or more, her money will be used up in a year or less. The new facility accepts Medicaid, not many do, so I feel good knowing that she can still stay there even when her money is gone.

I told her yesterday that I would be moving her today. She said, “You will? Where? Is it a nice place? Oh, yes, I said.”Ok, Carole, if you think it okay”. Are we going out for a ride now?” I told her I need to pack some of her things first.  A couple of minutes later I looked over and she was sound asleep in her chair.



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