Look Who’s Here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

I have to admit that I didn’t know who David Grohl was until I saw him sing a Beatles song at the White House not too long ago. President Obama was presenting Paul McCartney with the Library of Congress Gershwin Award, here and there were several well know singers invited to sing Paul McCartney’s songs. Dave Grohl was one of them. He sang “Band on the Run”. Take a look here Dave has come to Rehoboth Beach before to vacation, and he’s here again. I have not seen him, at least I don’t think I have. I did see someone come out of our building that looked like him, but I didn’t get a close enough look. It might have been wishful thinking. If I see him I’ll be sure to let you know, but I won’t bother him, I hope no one else does either.

I just realized my link didn’t work. This darn new format doesn’t work like my last one. I’ll have to figure out how to “link” for you. If you google dave grohl whitehouse it will come up. It’s worth seeing. He starts out kind of slow but it gets better and better!



5 Responses to “Look Who’s Here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware”

  1. Bill and Judy Says:

    We watched the video — not bad. What is more amazing to us is the honor of performing in such a historic place! Just think of all those priceless paintings and antiques surrounding you! Leave it to antiquers to think of that!!!

  2. carolemurals Says:

    You know Bill, I thought the same thing. How surreal to be singing in a room so full of history and for the President of the United States. What an honor. Those portraits of George and Martha Washington were huge.
    Good to hear from you guys.

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