Saturday’s Artisan Show

It’s a beautiful outside, mind as I sit at my favorite spot, ask  my family likes to call it Carole’s Cafe. I love sitting here under the  red umbrella with my  coffee, sildenafil morning paper, and of course something I could never do without, my computer. I wanted to tell you about this past Saturday. I went to an artisan show in Wilmington. I read in Early American Life it would be at the Chase Center, on the riverfront, which is very close to where I live. Of course there were lots of very talented artists there. Weavers, painters, carvers, potters, jewelry artists and lots more. I bought a couple of coffee mugs. I just loved them. It’s different from the ones I’m usually drawn to, they’re mostly done in a redware design, or grey and blue like the early blue and grey crocks. I’m pretty particular about the coffee mugs I drink out of. It has to have just the right feel to it. I guess we all have our favorites. This one has the best handle. It just feels good, nice and roomy. I love the little feet, the design and color too.  The other one has it’s own lid. This particular artist was from New York City.

Then there was an artist who made beautiful things out of  felted wool. This flower centerpiece caught my eye. It was huge. I thought it was so funky! I can just picture this in a contemporary setting in the middle of a big glass table.

She makes all of her own dyes, extracting colors from flowers, leaves, roots, berries, mushrooms and more. I wish I bought a few of these balls. They would be so pretty sitting in a bowl at the beach. I’ll bet little kitties would love to get their little paws on them! Maybe I’ll track her down and get some.

This gal was from Wilmington too. Her jewelry was amazing.

This gal made fabulous pottery. My favorite one was the large one to the left of this photo and the one that sits a couple of steps down from it. The colors were just amazing.

So those are just a few of my favorite artists.

I’m just looking at the clock and see it’s getting late. I’ll sign off for today. As always I am very appreciative that you stopped by.



3 Responses to “Saturday’s Artisan Show”

  1. Jenny Says:

    WOWEE!!! That’s one BIG felted flower centerpiece!!! I love felting my sheepies – a bit more primitive-looking – but, that lily is eye-catching!!! Love all that artistic talent. Jenny

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