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The Antique Show and Folk Art Walking Sticks

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite antique show. It was held in Old New Castle, pharm Delaware, there along side of the Delaware River.  I wasn’t disappointed. There were lots of dealers, wonderful dealers, and ALL primitives!

I took a few photos, but I was there to shop and there was SO MUCH to look at.

These early walking sticks caught my eye.  I remembered reading a about the history of how these became so popular in the 18th century, but where did I read it?

I thought this one was fabulous, but it was way too  pricey.

Then I found the one below. It’s a sweet hand carved bird, and I loved it for it’s simple charm. So I bought it, and I’ll have it for sale in Carole’s Country Store soon.

When I got home I remembered where it was that I read the article. It is in this years August issue of Early American Life, beginning on page 6.

Did you know that in the 18th century there were 2 codes of etiquette? For women it was a fan, and for the gentlemen it was a walking stick. By the time colonists landed on New England shores, it’s popularity soon came to a halt. The puritans shunned any form of aristocratic extravagance included in the making of canes, like silver and gold, ornamentation that they considered immodest. This did not mean that walking sticks were no longer in style, they were, but they were made more simple in style out, of “American” woods, not imported used by the Aristocrats. They even passed a law against using these metals.  Today walking sticks are highly prized by collectors, and I can understand why. They are charming reminders of our past, but most of all they are charming pieces for display purposes and look wonderful in a country home!

Forgot this one.



More Mural Photos

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The last time I visited my friend at her home in New Hampshire, try this mural, ampoule going up her stairway, was not visible, with the exception of only of a small part of the base of the tree’s trunk. During the restoration process, the removal of the white paint that covered the wall, revealed this mural for the first time.  I have to tell you that seeing this mural on my return trip, was an absolute thrill, for this is the one I was told had the horse and hound in it. I have never seen actual Rufus Porter animals in his murals before, not in person, so this was a thrill for me to see!

R. Porter started painting his murals in the late 1700′s, early 1800′s. These murals are some of his earliest work. Many times he painted a mural in exchange for room and board as he traveled the east coast.

Can you see the hound?

Looking at these photos again is exciting. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am showing them to you.

It is thought that the water in this mural, at some point had been made bluer. Porter painted his water with a much grayer look and his sky was always grey. The person responsible for the restoration of the murals in this house is going to try to take the blue water down to it’s authentic color.

I know I have shown these view a few years ago on my first visit a few years ago, but I wanted to show this room again for those of you that did not visit my blog during that period. These have now been cleaned and they look even more wonderful. Again, as I mentioned, this water is not the original color, at least that is the consensus, but I wonder about that. Who knows, maybe it really is.

So that’s it for today. I still have more NEW photos, so if you want to see more, be sure to come back again tomorrow.



More Photos

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

This was the first house on the tour. It was built in the late 18th century for a sea captain. The old barn across the street also belonged to the owners. The current owners had it restored and use it for entertaining.

I already showed you yesterday the second house on the tour. This was the third house. I only wish I could show you the inside but rules are rules, ask even though I wanted to sneak a picture, viagra you know when it comes to getting photos that I really want, I’ll go to great lengths to get them, but rules are rules and I had to behave myself. It wasn’t easy.

Ok, I think I have teased you long enough, right Barb?  Here are photos of some original Rufus Porter murals painted in 1833. These are in my friend”s house. I can not imagine how wonderful it would be to live with these murals! Rufus Porter was an amazing man and there is a whole lot more to tell about him, which I plan on doing sometime in the near future.

Looking at these photos again just makes my heart sing. I have not painted murals for a few years now, but I am totally motivated again!!!!!!!

This is a house in the town of Lyme. It’s an early one. Notice the similarity of the real house and the one painted above by Porter. It was so cool to ride around this area and see the houses and the scenery that influenced him. In the mural above you can also see the way he painted the bottom of the wall. I guess this was his version of a faux chair rail.

That’s all for today guys. I have to get some house work done and then go buy some canvas. Can’t wait to get back into painting again. I have lots more to show you, so until next time-



Beginning the Tour

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

The next morning, purchase before the driving tour of the early houses, salve we drove to the Lyme Academy for a lecture about Rufus Porter murals, and to pick up our tickets and box lunches. On the way we drove through this covered bridge. When we arrived people were just starting to arrive.

After the lecture, we started the tour. There were only 5 houses on this tour, all in a 25 mile radius. All along the way I wanted to take photos. There were mountains, hills and valleys as far as the eye could see. It really was quite breathtaking.

Now, I have to tell you how disappointed I was that we were NOT allowed to take photos of the murals in the houses. This was disappointing for a lot of the people on the tour. We really didn’t understand why. Maybe they thought it would slow up the tour too much, since they only allow a few people inside at a time. So that’s the bad news. The good news is that the second house on the tour belongs to my friend,  and after the tour I was able to take as many photos as I wanted. This is her house, built in 1833.

Her murals were still being cleaned professionally. It’s a painstaking process, but it’s well worth the effort. The murals were in amazing condition even before the cleaning, but now they look even more vibrant. They are amazing, especially  considering they were painted in the early 19th century, around 1833. I didn’t want to make this post too long, so I’ll post  the photos of the original Rufus Porter murals tomorrow. Be sure to come back. Here’s a little tease.

Happy day


My Weekend Jaunt to Lyme, New Hampshire

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Many of you might already know that a few years ago, capsule before I started my website and blog, check I painted murals in dozens of private homes in and around the Chester Country, Pennsylvania area. My influence was an itinerant painter named Rufus Porter.  Porter painted murals in private homes, mainly in the New England area. I’ll never forget my first commissioned job, how could I,  it was for the Governor’s guest house in Dover, Delaware. About 6 years ago one of my clients had a party. One of his guests recognized the mural as being done in the  Rufus Porter style. He explained that his brother lived in a home in New Hampshire, built around 1830, with original R. Porter murals in it, still intact. Long story short, the owners of the house invited us up to see the murals.  This year we were invited again, but this time there is a house tour of 5 homes that have original RP murals, and this is the first year they are open to the public.

I wasn’t looking forward to the drive. Going through New York and crossing the George Washington bridge is extremely slow. Once I was on my way, I couldn’t wait to get there! I love the state of Vermont, it’s incredibly beautiful. After passing through, into New Hampshire, the town of Lyme was not far. I stayed at the Breakfast on the Connecticut. The unpaved road leading to the inn seemed to go on forever.

Finally, I arrived.

It felt so good to get out of the car and walk around. The view was breathtaking.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the house tour.

Happy day everyone.


Yesterday I Was Out with a Friend

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Yesterday I drove to my girlfriend’s house for lunch. We had some yummy egg salad sandwiches and a glass of iced tea, thumb  then we were ready  for some real fun, cialis antiquing!!  We jumped in the car and drove out to Chester County to check out a couple of our favorite shops. Carole O’Neill is the artist in my artisan store, and she wanted to find some old frames for her paintings. We pulled into the parking lot of The Rusty Gate, and I don’t think we were in the store for more then a few minutes when Carole called me over. “Carole, she said, “look at this”. It was a beautiful large handmade, and handpainted bridesbox, AND it was signed J Trone!  Jackie is a well known artist from Pennsylvania. She has been in Early American Life many times over the years, PLUS,  as you probably already know, she too is one of the talented artisans in my American Artisan Store. Although there is not a date on this box, I feel sure that it is one of her earlier pieces, I don’t think she makes them anymore. So, if you love bandboxes, especially handmade and handpainted ones, don’t miss this one, it’s a collector’s item. It will be for sale soon in my country store, the end of next week. You can also email me if you are interested. Tomorrow I will be driving to Lyme, New Hampshire. I am not looking forward to the drive, BUT I am looking forward to the trip! I’ll be gone a few days. Of course I’ll have my camera, and computer with me, so if I have the time,  I’ll try to keep you posted. If not, I’ll tell you all about it next week. Until then, as always-



Today is Moving Day

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

So many of you have written to me asking about my mother, pharmacy and I want to say thank you for your kindness. My mother has slowed down quite a bit. Some of her behavior is very odd, but that’s to be expected with people with dementia. She is still physically healthy, with the exception of arthritis in her knees, even with a walker she is very slow now.  She is 91 now, and her spirit has waned.  I have not brought her back to my house for a long while.  Getting up the steps is too difficult. I hate to see her struggle, it’s too hard on her. I wish she could come though. She always loved helping me cook, it made her feel useful.

I miss this time with her, as I miss everything about my mother. She isn’t the same at all anymore. She knows I’m Carole, and that I am her daughter, but there is a disconnect.

So today I’ll be moving her to another place. After many years of paying $6,000 a month or more, her money will be used up in a year or less. The new facility accepts Medicaid, not many do, so I feel good knowing that she can still stay there even when her money is gone.

I told her yesterday that I would be moving her today. She said, “You will? Where? Is it a nice place? Oh, yes, I said.”Ok, Carole, if you think it okay”. Are we going out for a ride now?” I told her I need to pack some of her things first.  A couple of minutes later I looked over and she was sound asleep in her chair.



19th Century Spice Box with Original Blue Paint

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Don’t you just love the primitive painted pieces? I antiqued in Lancaster County, cialis Pennsylvania the other day and I stopped at several yard sales along the way. There was an elderly lady and her daughter selling items on their front lawn. The house looked very old and interesting, so I stopped to take a look, hoping to find something wonderful.

I got to talking to the 2 woman that were giving the yard sale. They told me they were mother and daughter. The mother was 93 years old. What a spitfire she was! They were delightful to talk to and I could have spent all day with them, but I had some antiquing to do, so I couldn’t stay too long. I told them I had a shop and was looking for antiques, and asked if they had any they might want to sell.


The daughter said, “mom, what about the spice chest? You haven’t used it for 70 years!” The daughter went inside and brought it out. Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw it! Oh, my gosh, how I loved it. Isn’t it wonderful!! That blue paint is fabulous. The elderly woman told me it once belonged to her mother, and that her father made it. She has had it for almost 70 years but has had it tucked away all that time, and never used it. She was reluctant to sell it and I didn’t want her to do something she might regret, but her daughter said, “oh, mom, you haven’t had that out for 70 years, sell it.” She agreed, and I paid her a fair price. We were both happy. I wished them well and went on my way.

One of the drawers has this wonderful colorful label on the back, and another has a burn in the corner. I would have loved to have known how that happened but neither ladies knew  how it got there. The spice box is tall to, measuring almost 24 inches high and over 8 inches wide, and will for sale in my store very soon.

It’s almost 10 o’clock already. Time for me to get moving. I have lots to do today, one being a visit to see my mother. Tomorrow I’ll be moving her to another facility. Some of you have emailed me, asking about my mother. I appreciate that so much. In a few days, I’ll tell you more about how she is doing, so until then-



Look Who’s Here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I have to admit that I didn’t know who David Grohl was until I saw him sing a Beatles song at the White House not too long ago. President Obama was presenting Paul McCartney with the Library of Congress Gershwin Award, here and there were several well know singers invited to sing Paul McCartney’s songs. Dave Grohl was one of them. He sang “Band on the Run”. Take a look here Dave has come to Rehoboth Beach before to vacation, and he’s here again. I have not seen him, at least I don’t think I have. I did see someone come out of our building that looked like him, but I didn’t get a close enough look. It might have been wishful thinking. If I see him I’ll be sure to let you know, but I won’t bother him, I hope no one else does either.

I just realized my link didn’t work. This darn new format doesn’t work like my last one. I’ll have to figure out how to “link” for you. If you google dave grohl whitehouse it will come up. It’s worth seeing. He starts out kind of slow but it gets better and better!



Saturday’s Artisan Show

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

It’s a beautiful outside, mind as I sit at my favorite spot, ask  my family likes to call it Carole’s Cafe. I love sitting here under the  red umbrella with my  coffee, sildenafil morning paper, and of course something I could never do without, my computer. I wanted to tell you about this past Saturday. I went to an artisan show in Wilmington. I read in Early American Life it would be at the Chase Center, on the riverfront, which is very close to where I live. Of course there were lots of very talented artists there. Weavers, painters, carvers, potters, jewelry artists and lots more. I bought a couple of coffee mugs. I just loved them. It’s different from the ones I’m usually drawn to, they’re mostly done in a redware design, or grey and blue like the early blue and grey crocks. I’m pretty particular about the coffee mugs I drink out of. It has to have just the right feel to it. I guess we all have our favorites. This one has the best handle. It just feels good, nice and roomy. I love the little feet, the design and color too.  The other one has it’s own lid. This particular artist was from New York City.

Then there was an artist who made beautiful things out of  felted wool. This flower centerpiece caught my eye. It was huge. I thought it was so funky! I can just picture this in a contemporary setting in the middle of a big glass table.

She makes all of her own dyes, extracting colors from flowers, leaves, roots, berries, mushrooms and more. I wish I bought a few of these balls. They would be so pretty sitting in a bowl at the beach. I’ll bet little kitties would love to get their little paws on them! Maybe I’ll track her down and get some.

This gal was from Wilmington too. Her jewelry was amazing.

This gal made fabulous pottery. My favorite one was the large one to the left of this photo and the one that sits a couple of steps down from it. The colors were just amazing.

So those are just a few of my favorite artists.

I’m just looking at the clock and see it’s getting late. I’ll sign off for today. As always I am very appreciative that you stopped by.