The Weather is tooooo Hot!

I came to Rehoboth Beach on Tuesday to get away for a few days. When flowers and plants start showing the effects of the Summer heat, medical it’s time to go. Now I’m bored. It’s too hot to do anything.

I went to the beach yesterday. I was wondering why there weren’t that many people in the ocean, then I found out. Jellyfish! The beaches are not that crowded. It’s too hot for the beach, especially if you can’t go into the water.

I had an urge for pizza, so I took a walk down the boardwalk to my favorite pizza place. Normally the boardwalk is crowded, not so much this time. While I was waiting the owner told me that the heat is hurting business. I feel bad about that, but for me, I just want to honker down and stay in the airconditioning, and I guess I’m not alone. I’m not going anywhere. Get out the ice cream, tomorrow the heat index is going to be 110 degrees!



15 Responses to “The Weather is tooooo Hot!”

  1. thepowderdwigs Says:

    I HATE this heat!!!! It just saps your energy like a little parasite. What did we do before fans and air conditioning? I really don’t know which is worse, the excessive heat and humidity or all the freezing cold, snow and ice we experienced this last winter? Both keep you inside until you go stir crazy.
    Ah!!!!!! Give me 50 to 70 degree weather.


  2. carolemurals Says:

    I think I prefer the cold to this kind of heat. You are right, I am in air conditioning but it still drags you down.

  3. tj Says:

    …Oh I couldn’t agree more! The heat index here was 105 degrees today, it was awful! I know I came in from mowing and you could just feel the blast from the air conditioning when you walked into the house…I told my husband, “they need to name a holiday after the person who invented air conditioning because that person is a godsend!”…lol :o )

    …Enjoy your time at the beach! Loved the photos – so pretty!

    …Blessings… :o )

  4. carolemurals Says:

    Hi tj. I wonder if these kinds of summers are going to be the new norm. Hope not.
    Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  5. Marilyn B. Says:

    Oh!!!! This heat is un-bearable!!! Yesterday a friend drove me to pick up my car at the mechanics. She left me out across the street by the fire department. I was standing on and surrounded by their large cement drive way waiting to cross the street. The heat coming up from the cement was unbelievable! I swear if I had stood there any longer I would have turned into a well done pot roast!!!

  6. carolemurals Says:

    Hi Marilyn, Just reading your comment made me hot!
    Good to hear from you.

  7. Penny Says:

    I thought I was the only one who has said that it’s been too hot to be at the beach!! We have a home on the Jersey shore — I don’t do the ocean but love to sit and watch the waves — so perfectly peaceful. And now that sharks have been spotted up and down the east coast because of the oil spill, I REALLY don’t go in! So I sit in my house in the a/c because I can’t stand the heat — even the sand is too hot to walk on. Might as well stay home and get things done. Ugh. Maybe September will be a better time to be at the shore!!
    Stay cool!

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