The Faces of Summer

I had about 5 envelopes of wild flower seeds sitting around the house. With so much to do this past Spring, no rx I had forgotten that I had them. I didn’t know if it was too late to plant them, cialis but I sprinkled them around anyway, just to see what happened. Am I glad it did! I didn’t expect  much. Look how pretty they are. I took some micro shots of their pretty little faces, and I thought you would like to see them too. I didn’t have my tripod, so they could have been clearer,  but they turned out pretty good without it.

Can you see a face on this bug? The white part looks like a profile to me. See the eye? He looks like he’s wearing one of those hats men wear during the winter, the kind with the ear covers.  Maybe it’s just me because I am one of those people that see faces in the clouds.

Don’t you love blue flowers?

This is a poppy. It is so delicate, like tissue paper. It’s even crinkled like tissue paper. Flowers are such miracles.

Such sweet little girls.

I guess you could say there are flowers within a flowers.

So those are my faces of Summer.  The next time you look at your flowers, don’t forget to tell them how beautiful they are, they’ll grow better for you.  Ok, call me crazy.



6 Responses to “The Faces of Summer”

  1. christe' Says:

    good summery morning to you,

    how beautiful! isn’t it amazing how much joy a little packet of wildflower seed can bring?

    your wildflowers are just so fresh and pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing all your pretty little maids all in a row.


  2. tj Says:

    …Just beautiful Carole! I do have to admit I was getting a little concerned that you had quite possibly spent too much time in the sun when I read this, “He looks like he’s wearing one of those hats men wear during the winter, the kind with the ear covers.”…*giggle*snort*

    …Thank you for sharing! Beautiful photography!

    …Enjoy your day!

    …Blessings too… :o )

  3. Barb King Says:

    I saw the hat!!!!! Airplane pilots in the early days wore a leather cap with ear flaps and since the bee flys I thought it was quite appropriate. The flowers are beautiful thanks for sharing your garden.


  4. carolemurals Says:

    tj, there you go again, making me laugh. That giggle snort thing, gets me every time!

  5. carolemurals Says:

    Barb, yes, you are right about the hat and the association of the bug flying! Why didn’t I think of that.

  6. christe' Says:

    Tthat’s exactly the kind of airman’s hat I saw…but then again I spend alot of time in the garden watching bees and flying critters of all kinds. I’m always finding that they all have little faces and head gear of some kind.

    loved this little visit into your garden,Carole.
    Thanks so much~

    I found a package of wildflower seed this afternoon and sprinkled it in a bare spot…I hope that whatever comes of it is as pretty as these, I do love bachelor buttons!

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