This Time I Was Not Going Back Alone!

I had to go back. I just had to see more of that house, ask but there was no way I was going alone this time!  Bill came with me. When we pulled  into the driveway. This doorway takes you to another level of the property, and gives easy access the greenhouse.

A sign of the times, all the copper gutters and downspouts had been stolen.

The greenhouse glass roof was no more.

What was once a pool, is now a pond. This property is now being protected because of countless community members and preservation advocates that showed their support for preserving this important piece of Delaware history. After a year of negotiations, the Delaware Open Space Council purchased the development rights from the Sharp estate, thus protecting the house and gardens from imminent demolition. Encouraged by the strong show of support from the community and the government, the Sharp family then donated the property to Preservation Delaware. A preservation easement was placed with the State Historic Preservation Office to ensure that Gibraltar would be restored and maintained to the highest standards. In 1998, Gibraltar was placed on the National Register for Historic Places. Now let’s go back to the house.

We took a different path this time. There it was.

We brought something along for protection. There was no way I was going back in there without any. We climbed through the same window.

I went right back to those stairs where I heard that weird sound and banging, but not this time.

Everything is such a mess but still solid. I reached the top of the stairs. I don’t feel scared.

Look at those narrow turned stairs to the right of this photo! Should I go up?




6 Responses to “This Time I Was Not Going Back Alone!”

  1. tj Says:

    …hee,HEE!…I dare ya! lol… ;o)

    …So glad you took Bill with you! There would be no way, no how I’d go back there alone…*shudders*

    …So happy to hear that this glorious place is going to be saved! We have to save them, we just have to. :o )

    …Can’t wait for the next episode! Hurry back here woman! lol…

    …Blessin’s… :o )

  2. christe' Says:

    oh beautiful just beautiful!

    I’m so glad that you had your brave man Bill with you.

    now please go up those stairs, I just have to see what’s up there!


  3. thepowderdwigs Says:

    That house was really grand in its day. I love all the stairs. Glad you went back with reenforcements.
    This is reading like a thriller novel. Cool!

    Can’t wait for more.


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