Welcoming Angela Hillstrom to my American Artisan Store

Today I am thrilled to welcome Angela Hillstrom to my  American Artisan Store. When I first saw her dolls and animals, patient I fell in love with them, healing and I knew my customers would too.  I asked her if she would consider becoming an artisan in my American Artisan Store, and to my delight, she accepted. This week I will be offering this wonderful early looking doll and   horse, both one of a kind, signed and dated. Angela’s dolls and animals are made with such loving care. Each one is completely hand sew, made with all early fabrics. Most of Angela’s life has revolved around art, in one form or another. About ten years ago it evolved into doll making. Angela received a gift, the doll pictured below,  from my dear friend Sandi…an early rag doll with a faded brown dress. This doll became her  inspiration, and the love of this doll continues to inspire her today.

As time went on she became very involved in the history of early Folk Art dolls.  She is especially inspired by 19th. century calicoes and homespuns in threadbare condition. She loves the early and soiled, hopefully giving these treasured pieces of cloth new life! Her favorites are Black Folk Art Dolls,  these are her specialty. Angela reproduces the early style by studying 1800′s dolls. Most of her work is done from photo’s of early dolls and interesting people from that period…famous or not. Angela had the honor of being chosen for the directory in Early American Life for 2009 and 2010, and I’m not surprised that she has. I hope you love her work as much as I do.

Welcome Angela!



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  1. thepowderdwigs Says:


    WOW! These are great. So simple and hugable.


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