Here We Go Again!! It’s A Blizzard This Time


WOW, find this storm is worse then the last one! I feel guilty as I sit by the fire, with a couple of my favorite friends, as my husband has decided to get a head start on the storm, so here we go again! I just heard the postal service has been canceled. That’s bad.



I am really worried I’ll loose my electricity. A lot of my bushes are leaning over from the weight of the snow. It’s very heavy this time and we are expected to get wind 40 miles an hour. I better gather the oil lamps and fill them. I hope you enjoy the photos. It’s beautiful to watch, just as long as I have electricity!




2 Responses to “Here We Go Again!! It’s A Blizzard This Time”

  1. Bill and Judy Says:

    Your pictures are awesome!! The fireplace picture is wonderful — do you do fireplace cooking there? We have been following the East Coast Blizzard on the news. Our son in Chicago is dealing with much snow, and even an earthquake (very minor) this morning!
    Our huge snow storm went about 80 miles north of us. We are only dealing with about 8″ of the white stuff.
    Stay warm and safe!!
    Bill and Judy

  2. carole holt Says:

    Bill and Judy, it’s always nice to hear from you. I do not cook on the fireplace. I like cooking in my kitchen with all the amenities. You were really lucky you missed the storm, but it is beautiful to watch. I heard about the snow in Chicago too.
    Take good care.

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