Independence Hall

After touring the first bank, healing we headed over to Independence Hall.


We got in line for the security check. Wow, sovaldi no smiles there. Lined up for the tour. A guide came over and told us we needed a ticket! Oh, medical no! We walked over and got them, but we had a reservation for lunch, so decided to do that first. We ate at The City Tavern Restaurant, a lovely upscale restaurant that is well known in the area.


The waitress came to our table. Would not crack a smile. What’s up with that, we’re really friendly gals!! We ordered and she brought us our meals, and that was the last we saw of her. Never came back to fill our coffee cups, or to ask if we needed anything. Nothing. Walked past our table several times, but never stopped. What’s up with that! Poor service does not deserve a good tip, and believe me she did not get a good one. We left and headed back to Independence Hall. We were a couple of minutes late and they already went inside. We had to wait another 25 minutes. That was too long so I said I would peek inside. They just got started and I slipped inside. When I realized it was okay, I put my hand out the door and motioned for my friends to come along. Once inside, again we were taken back in time. Imagine, I was standing where our forefathers stood before signing the Declaration of Independence! No matter how many times I visit Philadelphia, I am always in awe of what I am seeing.



Right next store is Congressional Hall. We get in line NOT realizing we are standing on the handicapped ramp. We are the first in line, and now everyone has lined up behind us. As we wait for the tour to begin, the guide reprimands us for being in the wrong spot. Geez, we’re sorry, we goofed. Where’s the sign? We apologize and minutes later we were told to go inside, turn right and take a seat. Besides us, there was a group of children and their parents and teachers. They were taking a long time getting seated. We decided to break away from the group and take our seats in the last row. As we sat waiting, my friend offered me a piece of gum. Now the guide began. We were about 5 minutes into it, when he stops talking, looked at us and said, “are you chewing gum?” We were stunned. He couldn’t be talking to us, could he? No, must be a child. Wrong! Everyone turns around to see who he is talking to. I felt like I was back in school again. Carole said she felt like she should swallow hers. We didn’t know that we couldn’t chew gum. I can understand if we were children, why he would be concerned, but come on, did he think we were going to stick it under the chair. We were offended and embarrassed, so we got up and walked out. We complained to the other guide standing outside the door. He agreed that he should not have done that and offered to let us come in when he started his tour. We thanked him but left. By now I realize I left my glasses at the restaurant. Oh, no, I had to face the cranky waitress! Tomorrow we’ll go to Carpenter’s Hall. See you then.

6 Responses to “Independence Hall”

  1. terry Says:

    Carole, take it from someone who lives here — the rudeness is becoming very common in Philly and has hurt tourism and makes those of us who live here miserable. People have changed here for the worse, that’s for sure. Rude and crude!! If it were me, I’d write a complaint letter to the Park Service — I believe they manage the historical sites. I am surprised at City Tavern — they are usually very nice and helpful. ~Terry

  2. Joy Says:

    Oh, Carole, the chewing gum episode!! You know they do the same thing at Colonial Williamsburg. For crying out loud.
    I loved the photos just the same. It just gives me chills to think of what these brave men risked when they put their names to that paper.
    We are thinking of Philadelphia for next October, so I am paying close attention to these posts. :~)

  3. Rachael Kinnison Says:

    Well GOOOOOOOLY! Carole~
    No chewing gum…..jeepers. I have never understood why folks who are in a PUBLIC SERVICE field, are so darn rude sometimes! I am sorry that the fols were less than desireable, but just being in the same spot that history was made so many years ago HAD to have made up for the inconvience ten fold. I have never been to Phily, and can honestly say, I would give my eye teeth to be able to go one day. no kidding~ come pull em out and take me! Who needs teeth….definately wont be going to that restraunt either! Maybe your waitress gave her eye teeth to get a job in such a spectacular place, and thats why she wouldnt smile. I would have left a pack of G*U*M* for the nasty guide. THANKYOU so much for sharing tho, I have REALLY enjoyed seeing thu your eyes
    xoxox rachael

  4. Carole Says:

    Hi Joy and Rachael. I gave the gum episode more thought, and although I it was very rude to stop in the middle of his history lesson to reprimand us, I am thinking that he was right, except we had no idea we were not allowed to chew gum. Funny thing is, I am not a gum chewer and of all times to being chewing it!!! I don’t really think that we looked like the kind of people that wouldn’t respect where we were, but I realize you can’t tell a book by it’s cover. Have to say, I did learn a lesson that day. You’re never too old to learn.

  5. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    Goodness! You had a day of cranky people! I almost wanted to say I wish I could have tagged along, but had second thoughts after I read about your waitress and tour guide!
    I visited Philly before I was married, and the group I was with gave us about 30 mins to see as much as we could before the bus left. Surprisingly, my friends and I managed to see quite a bit including the Independence Hall. We ran in without a guide (not sure how we managed that!) Your tour guide must not have been working that day! :)

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