A Boy Doll


Hi everyone. I feel like I have been ignoring my blog lately and I don’t like to do that. I have been spending a lot of my time with family members, sick and have not had that much time to write. The weather has been so rainy, purchase I haven’t gone out much. I guess that’s a good thing, physician it forces me to get some housework done. Yesterday I got a couple of Teresa Carr dolls in the mail. One is a Lizzie Lapp Amish doll. The other is a boy doll was copied from an original early doll. He is made from an old sock and stuffed with rags. He wears blue corduroy pants, a blue cotton shirt and a darling little knitted brown cap, also made from an old sock. The wonderful doll is made from all early fabrics. Teresa never uses new fabric in the making of her dolls. He has the appearance of having had a face at one time, but it looks like it’s been lost over the years from the love it’s been given by a child.


This doll will be for sale in my store soon. If you love old dolls, you will love this one. Teressa’s dolls are so early looking, even dealers would have a hard time telling the difference. Tomorrow I’ll show the Lizzi Lapp doll, a doll that is very sought after amongst early doll collectors.

Until then-

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