Fun With Girlfriends


I have spoken before about my friend Louise and her gorgeous hooked rugs. She has been working on a rug for our friend Carole for a few months now and just recently finished it. We got together at Carole’s house yesterday for some girl talk and to see the finished rug. Isn’t it beautiful! That’s Louise on the left and Carole on the right. What a lucky girl to have such a gorgeous rug made by a good friend. Here is Louise with the rug she made for me several months ago. It still gives me so much pleasure every time I look at it.


She does such a beautiful job and takes such pride in her work. More of her rugs can be seen in the Artisan Store

This photo didn’t turn out good. I should have taken another one, medical but I wanted to show it anyway, sale so you could see the dining room.

The hooked rug is going to hang on the wall on the right, drugstore over the chests. It’s the perfect spot to hang it. The handmade shutters make the room feel so cozy, while keeping the hot summer sun off of the newly reupholstered bittersweet sofa and chair.


It was fun, as it always is getting together with good friends. Never a dull moment and always a good laugh.

10 Responses to “Fun With Girlfriends”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Carole, both rugs are just beautiful. I love the subjects of both-flowers and cats! What a great talent your friend has-it must take so many hours to complete her work. Very nice results.

  2. carole o'neill Says:

    Hi Carole,

    We are so blessed to have each other and our friends and we always have such fun. You always take wonderful pictures wherever you go and our Louise’s work is always outstanding. Hey, your shutters are fab. that you painted!!!

  3. Carole Says:

    Jenny, you are always so kind and it’s always nice to hear from you.

  4. Carole Says:

    Hi CAR, yes, so true, we are blessed to have such wonderful friends. It’s great to hear from you on my blog.
    See ya soon

  5. Old World Primitives Says:

    The hooked rugs are beautiful – and the rooms in the last two photos are gorgeous and inspiring.


  6. donna finegan Says:


    Good friends are priceless!!!


  7. Carole Says:

    Stephanie I agree with you. Carole’s house is very inspiring. I’ll thank you for her and pass your nice comment on to her.

  8. Lana Says:

    Louise does such perfect work! I am blessed to own items made by both you and Louise!

  9. Sweet Repose Says:

    Hi Carole, thanks for stopping by, I too will be back after I am done with my day job…ha, I groom dogs part time out of my home.

    I love Robin of One Still Frame, her mother and I have known each other for quite a while now, it was great to meet her too…a dear sweet friend!

    I’ll be back…sharon

  10. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    Carole~ what beautiful and talented friends you keep! Love the rugs!


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