Father’s Day


I’ve talked a lot about my mother, cialis but today it’s all about my daddy. Daddy, ambulance I have always called him that, never dad, or father, but daddy. He passed away in Oct. 23rd, of 2003 at age 86. I miss him, but the funny thing is, I don’t feel that he is really gone. I still think of him living in Honey Brook, PA. He always loved the country, so he was very happy living there. He loved sitting on his porch, watching the cars and campers go by, and he never tired of watching the Amish buggies. He loved taking drives, and I am sure he traveled every back road there was. Every beautiful spot. He would always tell me what a beautiful area it was, but I never quite understood, It’s just that I was busy raising my family, and I never quite “got it”. It wasn’t until a few years later, after he passed away, and after my mother went into assisted living, it’ wasn’t until then that I started to understood and appreciate what it was like to live a rural lifestyle. It happened while we worked tirelessly rehabbing their house, getting it ready for sale. Over that year and a half, we fell in love with the country and the area, and actually talked about moving there. We were never that serious about it, but we certainly came to understand the attraction. I wish I could tell him how much I love it now. How much I enjoy driving those back roads too. One thing is certain though, he knew how much I loved him, and I do take great comfort in knowing that I was a good daughter. I am sure that as he watches over me, he knows how much I’m thinking of him today.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you.

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  1. rondell konat Says:

    How sweet Carol, I feel the same way about my dad, I was his baby and I so miss him and yes I feel the same…that he watches over me. I’m so at peace with both mom and dad gone …why? Because I was a good daughter too”.

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