On Sunday

Last week I planned on going to Adamstown in Lancaster County again to do some shopping for the store. I was hoping for a nice day and it was, medicine finally sunshine! I got up early grabbed some coffee and a banana and off I went. It takes about an hour to get there, but when I’m listening to Mary Ann Williamson on the radio the time goes quickly.
I always love it when I get behind an Amish buggy, that way I can sneak some pictures.
As soon as drive through the tollbooth, I’m ready. Can’t wait to see what I can find. There was an outside flea market, where I spotted this wonderful early pig cutting board with it’s original old red paint.
The woman I bought it from told me it was part of her collection that she was paring down to make room for a new collection. We both agreed that no matter how old you are collecting is something that you always enjoy, totally addictive! I think he is wonderful, with just the right color and patina. By the way, the wonderful homespun he is sitting on is also going to be in my store. I have several other finds too, and among them are these two very early dolls. The one on the right was in a museum in Mass. for years. The little gal on the left is also a New England doll, all original. Both will be for sale, so if you are a serious doll collector be sure to take a look in my store.
Time to close up the computer for a while. I need to paint my laundry room so I need to clear the room out and get it ready. Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s always nice to have you visit.
Happy day everyone!

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  1. donna finegan Says:


    Hi! Good shot of the Amish buggy. Whenever I travel to Lancaster County, PA it is always a thrill to see a buggy. The site of a buggy fills me with peace and a strange type of contentment. I guess that is because I am a suburbs girl longing to be a country girl.
    I totally agree with your statement that collecting what you love is addictive. It is hard for me to part with any of my treasures but once I have “Sucked the ensence” out of an item I am then ready to pass it along to another person so they may enjoy it.


  2. Carole Says:

    Good morning, Donna. I totally agree with everything that you just said. Regarding seeing the buggies, my parents lived in Lancaster Country for years and never tired of seeing them.
    You made me chuckle when you used the term “sucked the essence” out of your treasures, That is so true! It gives me so much pleasure selling to my customers because I know how happy it makes me to find something that I love, and then take it home to really enjoy and find just that special place for it.

  3. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    Coffee and a banana sound like my breakfast! Looks like you found more treasures.
    Love the photos of the Amish buggy!


  4. mamifleur Says:

    Dear Carole ! If you please can I take your photography with the Amish ‘s children in the buggy for my post in my blog, just for the french public . I love your blog and I visit often more .My english is bad but hope you have understand. Thanks . Mamifleur.

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