Chocolate and Wine, Mmmm

A while back, and I remember mentioning what a great combination wine and chocolate are. Someone left a comment that they enjoyed that too, see and their favorite was Lindt’s Dark Excellence Chili. Lindt is my favorite chocolate, look but chocolate infused with chili? It just didn’t seem to go together. While shopping in the supermarket the other day, guess what was on special, yup, Lindt’s Chili chocolate. I bought it and oh my gosh, I have to tell you that it is just fabulous! A sip of your favorite red wine, and a little bite of this chocolate is a fabulous combination, and a great way to chill out at the end of a stressful day. There is the slightest bit of heat to it, not a lot, just the right amount. I am going back today to buy more while it’s on sale. I hope you will try it, and if you do, let me know what you think. At the end of the day, what a great way to relax. One more thing. I went out to dinner Saturday evening with some good friends. I missed the Preakness, but I saw it on the internet.


Did you know that it’s the first time since 1924 that a filly won! She was so proud of herself. Being a horse lover, I have to say, good for you Rachel Alexandra! You go girl!

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  1. Doreen Frost Says:

    OOOO…wine and chocolate together..sounds wonderful…as does the chili chocolate. I will surely give this a try!

    :) Doreen

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