Tramp Art- Authentic Americana


Are you familiar with tramp art? I recently purchased this box. I love the old blue, cialis the wear, sovaldi and it has the most wonderful patina. The inside is painted a pale yellow and there is a piece of wire on the inside of the lid. I’m not sure what purpose it served. There are tiny holes on the very top pyramid, as thought something else was attached. I have heard about tramp art for many years, but I was never drawn to it. Many pieces are dark and very intricate, not something I am usually drawn too. This box changed my mind, and now it has become one of my favorite things. It has also peaked my interest and I would love to buy more.


Tramp art is considered a type of folk art. It was primarily made during the end of the 19th century, through to the 1930′s. It used to be thought that it was made by tramps or hobos, in exchange for food and lodging, but I have read that is not true, at least they don’t think so. There is not a lot written about it because during this time period, it was so commonplace, that no one really thought much about it, which is so true with many cherished and collectable pieces of folk art today. Cigar smoking was very popular during this time period, and cigar boxes were readily available, and for free. Fruit crates were also commonly used for this art. My box was made out of an old cigar box.


Thin pieces of wood, carefully shaped, notched and layered to create unique shapes. No two are alike. Cedar cigar box wood was soft enough to cut and carve. Shaping straight-edged squares, rectangles, and triangles were done with the tools they had available-a pocket knife or a razor. This box is so perfectly done, that it’s impossible to see where the lid opens or even the separation of the layers. It just fascinates me. Each notch looks a little different, and I love studying each one, and thinking of the person who sat carving it. So now I have another addiction, tramp art painted boxes.
If you have any interest, who knows, there might be one available in my store, that is, if I can part with one.

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