You have heard me mention before that our new Vice President Joe Biden is from Wilmington, ambulance DE., where I live. He has been our Senator for the past 36 years, and here in Wilmington we just called him Joe. Now he’s our VP, and he has put our little state of Delaware, the “small wonder”, on the map! This morning I had an email from a friend, who lives in Rehoboth. She’s the gal I do a lot of antiquing with, and by the way, she got those little red socks for me!, thank you! Anyway, she wanted to tell me that the Bidens were in the town last night. Her description really set the scene in my mind’s eye. Here’s what she said. “Watching the Biden entourage arrive in town last night was quite exciting! We stood on the street corner and waved as they sped around the corner and up the street that is at the back of the Atlantic Sands Hotel. Led by a rescue vehicle, followed by several motorcycles, two limos, more motorcycles, and sirens blaring. We could hear them coming up Rehoboth Avenue, and then saw them leaving two hours later, as we sat in the Summer House (again speeding down the Avenue.) Quite a sight and the first for us”….

As you might already know, Biden’s wife Jill is a teacher and they had come to address the DSEA, Delaware State Education Association, so for all you teachers and parents out there, you might be interested in reading about what he had to say. Here is a link.
I should mention that when I write about politics on my blog, I am not pushing any kind of agenda, but because this past election has drawn much attention to my state of Delaware, it’s something I like to write about every now and then.

Hey Robyn, in FL., if you are reading this, I want you to know that I received your emails, but have not been able to send one to you, they keep coming back. Please write to me at my email address,
Happy day

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  1. gayle tweed Says:

    Carole–I liked your comments about the Bidens and the Obamas when they were in your area. You live in such a place of American history.

    The weather here hasn’t been exactly ideal, but I have been gardening all week…..


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