The Obama Train Came to Wilmington


Like many of you, cialis I spent the day watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

I am a little late talking about this, pharm but on Saturday, Bill and I went into Wilmington. We knew the Obama train was coming to the Wilmington Train Station to pick up Senator Biden, who has been Delaware’s Senator for the past 36 years. Every day he boarded the Amtrack train to go to and from Washington. On Saturday he boarded it again, but this was his last time as a Senator, this time he was going to Washington to become the next Vice President of the United States.

Saturday was freezing, about 18 degrees. We wondered if we should go because it was so cold. We didn’t know how far we would have to walk, and we didn’t know if we would even get to see Barack Obama once we got there, but this was our chance to witness history, so at the last minute we bundled up and jumped in the car. We had to park a few blocks away from Wilmington Train Station. We noticed the white tents set up, so we got in line for the security check.


As we walked through the underpass, we noticed one of the cars on the train with the number 44, representing the 44th President of the United States. It was very exciting and we could hear the loud speakers in the distance.



After that, as we walked closer to where they were, we could hear President Obama speaking, and then we saw him, his wife, Michelle, Joe Biden and his wife Jill. It was a great feeling being there, and to take part this time in history, and I am so glad we went. I wanted to share my photos with you. I hope you enjoy seeing them.




As the train pulled away from the station, Biden waved to the crowds. I couldn’t help thinking that it must have been bittersweet for him, and he didn’t have that beautiful smile on his face. He looked a bit sad as he left Delaware for the last time as our Senator, soon to be our new Vice President. Best wishes, Joe, thank you for your service to your country.


8 Responses to “The Obama Train Came to Wilmington”

  1. Bill and Judy Says:

    What a wonderful experience!!! Yesterday was a very special day in the history of our nation. May we all realize that the change we seek — is in each and everyone of us.

  2. carole holt Says:

    Hi Bill and Judy. It’s so nice to hear from you again. Change is in each and every one of us. I do believe all things happen for a reason. I have great hope in the American people.

  3. michelle Says:

    Thanks….for sharing.I was glued to the TV yesterday.

  4. Gayle Tweed Says:

    Carole–What a thrill for you!!!! I had a photo of Obama on my latest blog taken when he was in Portland.

    Yesterday was so amazing—-it will take me some time to decompress!!!!

  5. Debbie Says:

    How exciting for you! Thanks for sharing your moments watching history. This transition is bigger than most in the past. It is sobering, the responsibilities we all must commit to in order to rebuild and move forward. We have the strength within us to get it done.

  6. Martha Says:

    This was a great photo story! I watched all of it on TV and I wish I could have been there in person.
    My brother lives in S. Jersey and he goes to a VA hospital in Delaware, he told me his chemo nurse was one of the nurses who took care of VP Biden’s son after the accident! She said years later she did a career change and wanted to work with cancer patients.

    I am happy with our choice of President!


  7. Mamy Says:

    Jed and Jennifer Finley / Wow, my eyes got all watery liknoog at these pics. She is precious, and her name is beautiful. It will be such a joy, like I know it is with Evan, to learn about this little person God has entrusted to you and to hear His purpose for her and raise her up to be a success in His kingdom! Kids are a joy! Suzanne, I can’t believe I’ve never met you and hope one day we can. I know you are all an awesome family, and we congratulate you in such a happy time! And hey, when the fog lifts, we need your address! (I threw away the envelope from your Christmas card silly gal ) Love you guys!

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