Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009


A couple of days ago my favorite American artist, order Andrew Wyeth passed away in his sleep at the age of 91. So many of of the things he painted were familiar to me. I live ten minutes away from Chadds Ford, ambulance where he was born and where he died. He was just a regular guy. He ate at breakfast at Hank’s restaurant one day a week and had lunch at Jimmy Johns, a hot dog place. He painted things that I enjoy photographing, stone houses and old barns, stone walls, old painted doors, and windows, and so much more. I feel a loss knowing he does not walk this earth anymore. I know he will be missed by the locals too. He was an amazing artist and Chadd’s Ford won’t be same, now that he is gone. This painting, Christina’s World, is one of his most famous.

To see more of his work, put to music, here’s a link to Dreamies.





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4 Responses to “Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009”

  1. Primitive Folk Art by Old World Primitives Says:

    This is sad news! I grew up with a large framed print of “Christina’s World” in my parents’ house.

  2. Bill and Judy Says:

    We too loved his work. I first was introduced to his work in college — art appreciation — “Christina’s World”. When first married, we saved Green Stamps and redeemed for a print of “Christina’s World”. We have visited the museum in Maine many times. We have also gone to Christina’s home in Maine — it is still so pure and untouched. While antiquing in Thomaston, Maine, Jamie Wyeth walked into the shop. We were introduced to him and talked with him. A couple of years later we met Andrew’s granddaughter at the same shop. They were very interesting, charming, and generous people. Another master is gone.

  3. Rachael Says:

    I saw on the news the day he passed, and just thought to myself, another ‘Great One’ is gone. I have always liked his style of painting~ living in Maine for so many years~ one couldnt go the day without hearing his name mentioned. Our world will certainly not be the same without him, thats for sure. Times and people are changing so much now~ I would almost be so bold, as to say, there will never be another like him, ever…..but ohhh what glorious work he left us to remember him by
    xoxoxoxxo r

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