Out the Door I Go!


I really need a break today. I feel like I have been in this house for way to long. I have been working very hard, ask getting my new store open, “The Pewter Store”, and now, finally, it’s done! I still need to photograph a few more things, but I’ll do that tomorrow, but for today, I am jumping in the car with my camera. Who knows what I might see, I’ll let you know. So, out the door I go!

One Response to “Out the Door I Go!”

  1. Jackie Says:

    What a joy that was hearing about your special time with your sweet mom!!! I especially liked the idea of using the colonial silver ware or utensils! And special SOUP made with loving hands , YUMMM! on a chilly day! Your Pewter is gorgeous!!!
    Dont forget to breath.
    Thank You for sharing!

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