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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008


First thing I want to do this morning is thank everyone that emailed me yesterday about the pewter and the 1853 calligraphy. They have been sold, unhealthy but I have 2 very nice pewter plates available. This is one of them. Each plate is $45., viagra sale and I have two of them. If anyone is interested in one or both, cialis please feel free to email me. The stone fruit is not included, I just wanted to show you how pretty it looks on the pewter dish.

Remember I told you about the loose leaf books I keep. The ones where I save favorite pages from some of my favorite magazines? This is one of my favorites. Look at all that yummy old pewter, in that gorgeous blue cupboard! If you are just starting out, trying to get the look of an earlier time, pewter is a must. It’s charming, mellow look, does so much for a room, and at Christmas time, it is just gorgeous with greens and red berries.


So that’s it for today. Time to get ready for hubby to arrive home from his golf trip. I hope I have inspired you. I love decorating. It’s one of my passions, and I want to do more posts about ways to get the early look in your home. So until our next visit
Happy day everyone!

I Went Out Again Today

Sunday, November 9th, 2008


I have been so bored for the last week. Bill won’t be back from his golf trip until Tuesday! I really miss him. I haven’t felt well enough to do much of anything, doctor so most of the time, viagra I have been totally bored. It was a beautiful morning today. The color of the Fall leaves, against the blue sky, was gorgeous. I decided to take a drive. Maybe stop at some of my favorite places.


I didn’t have much luck at the first couple of shops I stopped at. I was almost ready to give up, but I decided to stop at one more place. It wasn’t very close, but I wasn’t in any hurry, so I decided to go. I am glad I did.


The shop had wonderful primitives. The cupboard, on the left side of the rear of this photo, was filled with yellowware. A couple of the bowls were exactly like the one I have in my store. I love collecting, and yellowware is so pretty. I bought some pewter, something else I love to collect.


I got an 18th century charger, with initials of the owner, an American pewter mug, and two plates. They are beautiful, and I am tempted to keep them, but I’ll have them for sale in my store next week, after my webmaster husband gets home. If you love pewter, check them out.



These pictures are from a magazine article, and they show you how wonderful a pewter collection looks. You really don’t need to have a whole lot of pewter to get a nice look. Just a few pieces on a shelf, a mantle or even a table, adds so much country charm to a any room. It also looks beautiful with winter greens and berries, for the Christmas holiday.



I bought something else, that fascinated me. The dealer thought it was some kind of writing exercise. I don’t know, but it was written by a man named John Batdorff, in 1853. The pages are still attached, like they came from a book of some kind. It’s fun to imagine the person that wrote on all of these pages. How old was he? What did he look like? Where did he live? I’ll have it too for sale in my store. If you have any interest in the pewter or the papers, please feel free to email me, with any questions you might have.


So that was my day. It felt so good to get out again, and I am so glad I found a few things for my store. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos, and I hope you like what I bought.
Happy day everyone! Thanks for stopping by again.

The Flax Sold

Saturday, November 8th, 2008



I wanted to let you know that the flax I talked about in my post yesterday, sickness has been sold, and that is why it is not in the store. If you are interested in any, please email me. Enjoy the weekend. It’s pretty dreary here in Wilmington, DE. I’m thinking of making a cup of coffee, curling up, and watching a good movie.
Happy day

Feeling Better

Friday, November 7th, 2008


Finally. Finally, treat I am feeling better after being sick for almost a week. Yesterday I just had to get out of this house! I grabbed my camera and keys, search and off I went. There is a certain spot along route 322. The views are beautiful. Rolling hills, unhealthy and Chester County farms. This field was full of blackbirds, so I pulled over to get a shot. Several miles down the road, I passed a pumpkin patch, or what was left of one.


Of course I stopped at several of my favorites antique shops. I bought some early flax. I like the way it looks in this l early rye basket. I bought some for my store too. If you love the early look, this is an inexpensive way to help you get that early look.


Flax is a vegetable fiber. In the 18th century, spinning wheels were used to spin this natural fiber into threads used for making linen. Can you imagine the work it took to not only spin the fibers, but also the growing and drying process. Here is a little video I thought you might enjoy. It shows how the spinning of the flax is done. I love the early look in my home, the antiques, baskets, coverlets, the burning of candles, all the things that give us that snuggly feeling, but I wouldn’t trade places with these woman for anything! I don’t know how they did, all that they did!

“On This Defining Moment, Change Has Come to America”

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


Did you know there are similarities between Obama and Lincoln?

1. Obama attended Harvard Law. Lincoln was self taught, purchase and practiced law, one of Illinois’ most respected litigators.

2. Obama served inthe Ill. Senate from 1997-2004. Lincoln served 4 successive terms in the Ill. House of Rep.

3. Obama lost his 2000 Democratic primary bid to unseat four-term Congressman Bobby Rush. Lincoln lost the 1858 Ill. Senate race to Stephen Douglas.

4. Obama was seated in the U.S. Senate in 2005 and announced his candidacy for POTUS in 2007. Lincoln served one term in the 30th Congress from 1847-49

5. Obama strongly opposed the Iraq war. Lincoln opposed the Mexican American war.

There are many more similarities. I was going to type them all out for you, but it’s waaay too much work! It is pretty fascinating though. If you would like to read more, here is the link. link.


I could not help but remember Martin Luther King last night either on that day in August 1963, when he gave his “I HAVE A DREAM” speech.


Election Day

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008


I have been really sick for the past few days. I got my flu shot, prostate and now I think it gave me a mild case of the flu. Today being election day, case I pulled myself out of bed, viagra to go stand in line to vote. It was cloudy and damp outside. The line was long. I couldn’t wait to get home and jump back into bed. Finally after waiting about 40 minutes, it was my turn. I voted! Yay! Now I feel better, but can’t wait to get back into my pajamas.
Happy Election Day

Don’t Forget

Saturday, November 1st, 2008


DON’T FORGET TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK TONIGHT! I thought you would enjoy seeing some beautiful, pilule antique clock faces today.





I hope you will visit Carole’s Country Store, find when shopping for the holidays, for special one -of-a-kind gifts. My “Early America” DVD, is a unique gift for that hard to by for person. It is full of beautiful pictures, set you soothing music. It’s makes a nice background, while entertaining during the holidays. Many of you have requested CDs too, and they are also available for playing in your home or car. These make great stocking stuffers too.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Be sure to vote on election day.