Old Yellowware


There are so many wonderful things to collect for your country home. This is one of my favorites, clinic Yellowware. Over the last decade it has become increasing popular with collectors and prices have really gone up. Yellowware is difficult to date, buy and hard to place it’s origin because the majority of pieces have no markings. Well, some pieces do, but they are harder to find and usually cost three times as much. Yellowware was commonly used for food preparation from the early 19th century into the early 20th century. Made by firing yellow clay from the Ohio Valley, it ranges in color from pale yellow to a dark mustard color, the most favored and collectable color. Because the glaze on yellowware contains some lead, chipped pieces should not be used for food preparation. For me, setting it in a cupboard, is the best way to enjoy it, and I love the seeing all the pieces sitting together on a shelf.


I have a beautiful, large yellowware bowl in Caroles Country Store. It’s a nice big one. It does have two very old chips, so if you like things perfect, this one is not for you. Personally I don’t mind if there are some chips. For me it’s just the history of the bowl, and I like that. I like thinking about the woman that owned it. Where did she live, and what did she use it for. How did it chip, and was she upset that it happened to her beautiful yellow bowl. There is also a mark on the inside. This was made by the kiln stilts, in the process of the making of the bowl. If you love yellowware, this is a great piece, at a great price for a bowl this size.


Time to get ready to visit St. Michaels, in Maryland. Maybe I’ll find for goodies for the store. I’m hoping. Until our next visit-
Happy day!

3 Responses to “Old Yellowware”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    The yellowware looks so beautiful in this blue cupboard! I think I have loved yellowware ever since was a child, it always reminds me of my Nana’s big ol’ mixing bowl and all the good things that came from it! BTW, Car, a very Happy Belated Birthday to you!

  2. Patty Says:

    so pretty….

  3. Debbie Says:

    I have a bowl just like that! I love the old yellowware. I love you cupboard also. Have fun at St. Michaels.

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