17th & 18th Century Wooden Dolls


I am very pleased to welcome a new artist to my American Artisan Store. Her name is Kathy Patterson. Some of you probably have heard of Kathy before. She is well known for her fabulous “Toys In The Atic” reproduction German Santas, viagra and candy containers. Kathy also has a passion for antique English Queen Anne dolls, levitra and it is this passion that has inspired her “Babes In The Woods” series sold exclusively on my website.


There are 5 of these amazing hand carved wooden reproduction early 17th century, late 18th century dolls, including the very first one she created, and they are all for sale right now in my American Artisan Store. The entire doll, face and body, is hand carved, real antique glass eyes, exquisite fabrics and lace, some antique, are used in the making of these incredible dolls.
You can read more about Kathy Patterson in my American Artisan Store

Happy Day

3 Responses to “17th & 18th Century Wooden Dolls”

  1. Nan Says:

    OMG Carole I just about fainted! I thought for sure these were the real
    deal. Kathy is truly amazing!!!! How I wish I could do that!! I do love the QAs.

  2. Susan Weiss Says:

    Hello, I came upon this site,the queen anne wooden dolls look very nice,how can I receive a brochure or list of prices for some of these dolls…Thank you, Susan

  3. Amy Sample Says:

    OMG please send me info on your dolls I collect. I have collect dolls sense I was eight years old I am now 34 17th and 18th Century Wooden Dolls

    Thanks Amy Sample

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