Mother’s House and Cape Cod


I took these photos a couple of years ago. They have nothing to do with anything I am talking about today, ask I just like them. They were taken at one of those salvage places, where you can find lots of doors, windows, mantles, pillars etc.

Well, mother’s house has not sold yet! There have been enough showings, and there have been lots of very nice feedback, but no offers. I am still keeping the faith though. One of these days I’ll have a potential buyer, but the question is, what kind of an offer will I get. My mother’s money is just about gone. The other day I made an appointment with the director of finances at her assisted living facility. I wanted to find out what my options were. I her move from her little “apt.”, to a semi private room, she will be sharing with another woman. I hated to have to do this, but it will be saving her $1500 a month. That’s a lot of money, and I wish I could have done it a lot sooner, but there were no other rooms available. So now she is moved, and she has adjusted well, bless her heart.


Tomorrow Bill and I are going on a little vacation to Cape Cod, Mass. I have never been there and we are so looking forward to going. I have a cousin that lives in Denis, Mass., and we will be staying with he, and his wife for a couple of days. After that, we’re on our own. To be honest, we have no plan. I have no idea where we will go while we are there. We don’t travel much. Hardly at all, except when we go to the beach, and that’s only an hour and a half away. I’m afraid we are not very good at it, but we have our GPS, and that will help. I am bringing my camera. I hope I have a lot of great pictures to show you, and I hope I find some great antique shops too! You know I want to go antiquing!!!! Time to get packing. I’m going to say goodbye for a few days. Try not to miss me. HA! We’ll get together when I get back, probably the middle of next week. Until then, have lots of-
Happy days!!

3 Responses to “Mother’s House and Cape Cod”

  1. rondell konat Says:

    Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time hunting for that perfect antique.
    I’m also glad your mother is adjusting, I know how stressful that can be.

  2. Rachael Says:

    Have fun Carole! The Cape is beautiful, I have only been thru very quickly…every time I wanted to stop someplace, my ‘dear’ husband would step on the GAS! Cant wait to see your pictures when you get back! You could do an entire weeks worth of posting on salvedge shops~ I LOVE them~ they have the best pieces. One time I visited one that had an entire late 18th c paneled room, floor to ceiling! I fell in love with it, but had no place to put it, and didnt think the Navy would like carting THAT around the world LOL! Rachael

  3. Pamela Overmier Says:

    I love the photos. I think they are your way of setting order to a life of uncertainty with regards to your dear mom, so, they fit! Lovey Cape photos too, Pam

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