Chadds Ford Days


Yesterday was glorious, sovaldi and the perfect day for the Chadds Ford Days. Every year there is an arts festival. This year my friend Carole O’Neill, recipe was one of the artists in the show.


I love this painting she calls Mrs. Cow. It was sold at the show, viagra but I asked Carole if she could paint another one for my American Artisan Store. I already knew she had another one of these wonderful frames, made of old barn wood, and old white paint, because I was with her last year antiquing when we found them. I can not wait until she has finishes another one, and when she does, I will let you know when it is available for purchase. Can’t you imagine it in a room of old painted white country antiques. It would look fabulous with a cottage decor too.

There was a bird house artist there too. His birdhouses are wonderful works of art. These are reproductions of well known historic homes in the Chadds Ford, Pa. area. This one is called Brintons Mill House, and is one of many homes in this area that stood during the Battle of the Brandywine.


This painting of Brintons Mill was painted by Andrew Wyeth. It is one of three homes he and his wife Betsy call home, and it’s the one that this birdhouse was fashioned after.


I feel so fortunate to live near an area that has so much history. There is so much to show and tell, and I want to do that again, but right now, I just have to get out of this chair! I have been working on this computer since 7 a.m.! Time to do some raking and cleaning up of the gardens. They have been so ignored this year. Later this week I’ll show you birdhouse, and an Andrew Wyeth painting, so please come back for another visit with me. By the way, I know I promised I was going to go back to the old house I passed on my walk to Bellevue Park a few weeks ago. I am still going to do it. I have not forgotten. Honest, I haven’t.
Happy day.

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