I’m Starting to get that Feeling, Are You?


I am just starting to get that feeling. You know what I mean, medical nesting. Today is really really hot outside, viagra hotter then it’s been for a while. Everything is really dry. Saturday we are supposted to get some storms. I hope we do, troche we need the rain, but what I really am longing for is the crisp Fall weather. It’s my favorite time of the year. I want to putz and change things around a bit. This is one of my favorite antiques. It’s an early 1800′s Jackson Press. Righ now it’s in Missy’s room. It looks perfect where it is, but no one gets a chance to see it. I have an idea, but I haven’t mentioned it to Bill yet. I am thinking of bringing it downstairs, and putting it in the sunporch. I do have a wall I could use, but that means I have to move my desk out of the way, and I am just not sure where I would put it.


I think it would really be fun to decorate it at Christmas time. Right now it’s filled with my make do-collection, and some old quilts and homepun. Originally this piece was used to store linens. Are you familiar with the old irons, the really heavy kind that you had to heat on a stove to get it hot enough to use? I have a collection in my laundry room. Maybe I should take a picture of one for you. I’m back. Had to climb on a chair, and get the iron and the iron stand down, so I could get a close up of it. I wanted you to see the shape of the iron, and then show the burn marks that are on the bottom shelf of my Jackson Press.



Also on the bottom shelf, in the back, there is a small tin patch. It looks like a mouse chewed his way inside.

Happy day

4 Responses to “I’m Starting to get that Feeling, Are You?”

  1. rondell konat Says:

    What a gem you have, just love it. It’s hard moving things around that are heavy isn’t it?
    Have a great day and hug your mom for me.

  2. Marilyn Borg Says:

    Welcome back, Carole! This brought back memories. My mother had a collection of old irons and my favorite was a large one with a swan on the front. The top opened up and hot coals were put directly into the iron. Wow! If I had to iron with that…..you know who would be wearing wrinkled clothes!!! Happy fall!

  3. Lisa Says:

    That is a gem!! You are right, it would look extra special at Christmas all decorated. It really is a perfect piece. Oh, and I love the iron marks! Yes, the nesting has begun. But for the first time I can really remember, I’m ready to nest for the winter.

  4. Rachael Says:

    Hi Carole~ Ohh I L*O*V*E* neat little reminders like these burn marks left behind~ SUCH character~ and there is just something about KNOWING that a piece was used & cherrished by someone that makes it that much more special~ to me anyways! Wouldnt I like to know what those irons once pressed!

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