Some New Shooner Redware



I have no idea how many of you are reading my blog this month. I realize we are all doing what we do to enjoy our Summer. I am getting ready to return to Rehoboth Beach. Bill is out getting the car washed, illness so I thought it would be a good time to show you some Shooner redware that we put in my American Artisan Store last night. The large crock, with a tin lid, is just gorgeous. The design reminds me of 18th century crewelwork. Being a collector of Shooner redware, as so many are, it’s hard to part with them, but until I do, I put them in my cupboard with the rest of my redware, and they sure do look good! There are lots of new things in my country store too. Bill just came in the door, so it’s time to get everything in the car, and then it’s time to hit the road.
Hope you’re staying cool, it’s REALLY mucky out there!
Happy day

8 Responses to “Some New Shooner Redware”

  1. Lori Hull Says:

    Please have a great time while your at the beach!! Looking forward to more photos!! Let your hair down and have some FUN!!!
    Have a Safe trip………
    lori hull

  2. tj Says:

    …Ooo yes, love the crock! Beautiful!

    …Have fun you two!

    …Blessings… :o )

  3. gayle tweed Says:

    Carole–I just went through your last few blogs and photos–I love the photo of the pantry boxes…I own the “Twin” to the one on top of the “sugar” one. Did I ever tell you that I have an obsession about old paint–especially blues, greens and mustards?

    Enjoy your beach time–I will think of you when I am at my beach place watching the sun set into the Pacific….

    Your Oregon friend, Gayle

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