Back Home For A Bit


We had some storms at the beach on Sunday. Pouring rain, healing with lots of lightening too. Bill and I sat on our deck and enjoyed the show. I love thunder storms, especially here at the beach, it always seems more intense.

We left for home yesterday morning, early. There was so much mist coming off the ocean, you couldn’t see than half way down the streeet. It was only one block that was so misty, after that, it was clear as a bell. It seemed so quite and still, when we arrived back home. The grass need cutting up by the pool. The lawn too, but it wasn’t nearly as long. Lots of mail to read, and tons of laundry. We’re only staying here for a couple of days and then we’ll head back to the beach where there isn’t any work, just sun and fun. Ah, summer time and the living is easy. Don’t you just love it.
Happy day

5 Responses to “Back Home For A Bit”

  1. Lori Hull Says:

    I love the beach too…..get ssome sun for me will ya!!! LOL!!
    Enjoy your time……I am sure that it is MUCH deserved!! Before you know it is, all over!! I hope that you relax and enjoy Gods love for sun in the sun!
    Many Primitive Blessings……..
    Lori Hull

  2. Lana Says:

    Dear CARole ~ The photo with this post is so peaceful looking with the mist. I hope you and Bill enjoy your stay at the beach.

  3. Carole Says:

    Hello dear Lana. How nice it is to hear from you. I liked this photo too. That’s just the way it looked yesterday, right as we were leaving to go home.
    Don’t be such a stranger.

  4. Belinda Says:

    Hi, Carole ~ Wow, I love this photo – and I dearly LOVE the beach — makes me want to go there and watch a thunderstorm pass by. Kind of like life …. if we look from the right perspective, there’s beauty and peace, even in the midst of storms. Glad you had a great trip !! Welcome home!


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