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Sorry I Haven’t Been Post Much Lately

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

I’m really sorry that I have not posted much these days, buy but to be honest, buy cialis there isn’t much going on in my world lately other than my mother’s house. You are all probably sick of hearing me talk about it, but it’s all that I have time for these days. I’m getting slightly nervous, but keeping possitive about everything. My mother’s money is going fast, at almost $6,000 a month for her care in an assisted living situation. Some of your might remember that my mother has dementia and needs to be in a protective environment, and at those prices it doesn’t take long for money to run out. We need to sell this house fast, and we still have another week or two of work to do! Tomorrow I’ll call a realtor and get it up for sale this week. I can’t tell you how scared I am that it will take a long time to sell, but I remind myself to think good thoughts, hoping to send possitive energy our way. I wanted to show you the bathroom. It really looks nice. Bill did a great job.


It’s a small bathroom, so it’s hard to get photos showing the whole room. I’m showing how it looks now, but wait until I show you how it looked BEFORE we gutted it.

Oh, yea, pretty bad, huh?



We knocked out a closet to make more room. The bathroom isn’t that big and we needed to open it up.


I look like this too. LOL-by that way, don’t ever get primer sealer in your hair. It doesn’t come easily!



There is a linen closet in the hall, so I don’t think it was necessary to have one in the bathroom. The new vanity has plenty of storage.


The floor is that peel and stick tile. It looks really nice, like black marble. It matches the black marble on the living room fireplace. I love the beadboard. Looks very cottegy.


So that’s a little sample of what we have done. Tomorrow it’s going to be 95 again, but we’re going up anyway. No air conditioning!! Yikes!
Happy day

A Potpourri of Pictures Today

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008



It’s pretty early and I wanted to write this morning before I leave for the day. I hung out a white cotten sheet and a few dishtowels before I go. I love the smell of fresh clean laundry that has hung outside in the sunlight. The air smells so beautiful these days. I wish you could smell it. The wild roses and the honeysuckle fills the air with the most beautiful fragrance!! It’s just heavenly. Well, online the sun was shining beautifully, but now it’s gone and it looks like rain! My goodness, where did it go! Come back!


Today, once again, we’ll drive up route 322 to Honey Brook. There is always something beautiful to see along the way. I love the way this photo turned out. I took it very quickly. I didn’t want the farmer to see me take it. I didn’t want him to be upset, but how could I resist the beauty of it all.

We are finally coming to the end of our work. Mother’s house will soon be done and ready to sell! Bill and I can hardly believe it. When we look back at all that we have accomplished, it boggles our minds. How did we do that, we said last night, as we looked at all the photos I took, before and after. We had forgotten the way it was. I took this photo yesterday, when Bill started working on the front porch.


By the end of the day the porch was primed, ready to be painted. I painted the mural for my daddy, when he was ill. He was very frail and was only able to sit day after day in his chair in the living room. It made me feel so sad, and I wanted to do something for him, something that he could watch me do, something different, but mostly, something that would bring him some joy. When I asked him about it, I remember him saying, “Carole, I don’t know if you should do that”. “It’s only paint, daddy, if you do don’t like it, we can paint over it”. He agreed. When it was done, he loved it, mother too. I painted a fence too. I wanted it to look like a continuation of their porch fench. Yesterday we painted over it. Now I am wondering if it was a mistake. I thought of leaving it there, but then thought it better to just let it go. Funny thing was, afterwards, the neighbor from next door came over and said how sorry he and his wife were to see it gone. He said they enjoyed looking at it. Hmm, maybe we should have left it there. Oh, well, too late now.


I have been passing this old and and the new house for such a long time. Every time I would see them, I’d think of the stark contrast between the old and the new. The old house also belongs to the owner of the new one. I am so glad that he didn’t knock it down when he bought the property. It’s still not rehabed. I hope he is going to restore it. It’s such a darling little house, don’t you think? I think Bill and I would have lots of fun fixing up this one. Wish we could. Which house do you like the best? I’m loving the little old one.
Time to get ready to have breakfast and start heading up to Honey Brook.
Happy day.