Ok, Let’s Talk the Talk


While I sat in my garden this morning, pharmacy having my morning coffee, I got to thinking. Ok, let’s talk the talk. Let’s get real here. I really try to stay a possitive thinker, BUT are those gas prices putting a damper on your lifestyle!? They sure are taking the fun out of driving for me. Remember the days of getting in your car and going any place you wanted, without even giving a thought to how much gas it would take to get there and back. That was not all that long ago. For me, driving to Lancaster County, driving the back roads with my camera, or going antiquing whenever the mood struck, was something I loved doing. I took it for granted. Not any more, and now we are hearing rumors of $7. a gallon! Ok, let’s see. So, to get ready for a nice day out, I’ll fill my gas tank. WHAT!!!!!!, close to $70., give me a break! I read this morning, where someone in Europe burned his BMW in protest of paying $9. a gallon! That’s going a bit too far, but it’s probably only a matter of time before we will be being paying that too. Well, isn’t that just great. Not! Think about how this is effecting our economy. It’s pretty scarry. I have to say that when I see someone driving an older car, and they look like they are just getting by, my heart just breaks for them. How can they afford to buy gas at those prices, especially if they have a distance to drive to work! It’s terrible and I for one am angry. How did this happen! Well, I have to blame someone, so I guess I’ll blame Washington. My husband thinks we should suspend space exploration, and devote NASA to finding a way to fuel our cars here on earth, then we can return to Mars. Not a bad idea, huh?

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  1. tj Says:

    …Hello Carole! Totally off subject here but can I be the first to say that you have beautiful feet?! I’m beginnin’ to think that you are holding back some aging secrets from us… o-r, you’re really 35… ;o)

    …Yes, the gas prices are absolutely ridiculous! I was just thinking the other day how sad it is and how the crime rate and suicide rate is going to increase nationwide. My husband works in construction and has to drive a full size truck to haul equipment and most of the time his work is quite a distance from our home, our monthly fuel bill last month was over $1,000.00 for his truck alone…(*sigh*) It is so sad and it looks like there is not going to be any relief in sight soon either…

    …Have a wonderful weekend!

    …Blessings… :o )

  2. Carole Says:

    LOL-My father at the age of 88 still had to most beautiful feet. To look at them, you would think he was a young man. You are so right about the crime and suicide rate. I should have mentioned that as well. Sorry that it is affecting you personally. It’s a whole new world.
    You take care, TJ. So nice to hear from you.

  3. Rachael Says:

    You are SO right Carole! Something needs to be done, but who is to say exactly what….we have all read the HUGE*** profits the oil companies rack up every year~ in the BILLIONS! Personally I dont see what a person would DO with that much money….its truely the root of ALL evil, if you ask me. I like your idea of not going to MARS….why cant they take allll that money alloted for that, and go buy GAS with it……..then sell it at a govt mandated 2 bucks a gallon or something like that. that sounds good! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Old World Primitives Says:

    I think your husband has the right idea! I barely drive anywhere any more.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hi Carole. We are paying basically $4 a gallon here in Missouri. My hubby and I drive 30 miles to work each day. It scares the tar out of me. I like to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I used to say “that’s why I work”, to be comfortable. But I have a feeling, comfort will be a thing of the past. I turn 40 in February and really want to go to Mexico again, but I think I’ll be sitting in front of the tv or computer. Things just don’t look brighter in the future.

  6. Christine LeFever Says:

    I’m in agreement with your husband. Out here in Oregon there are more and more hybrids, and then the downright electric cars are so quiet you cannot hear them take off. Lovely. I’d say it’s high time we all just convert to something else. My car is a Scion XB which I love because it’s so cute, and also it gets excellent mileage and is regarded as ecologically built even in comparison to a hybrid. It’s the way it was made. Saw that on Dateline last year and jumped for joy. Nonetheless my next car will be one that won’t rely on gasoline.

    Christine (Zwee!!!!)

  7. Lana Says:

    Hi CARole! Yep, the deal with the gas is scary. Roger usually drives about 40 miles a day in a pickup. He’s a carpenter and has to have the larger truck to haul all the tools and supplies. When our kids drive to college or work, that’s another 40 miles per day, per person. How can a family survive like that? We are trying to make less frequent un-necessary trips, using less water, ac, anything to cut costs.

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