My Weekend and The Movie-Atonement


This morning I am thinking Spring because tomorrow the temperature is going up to 70! I am going to go to my mother’s house and do some yard work and powerwash the porch. It’s time to work on the outside of the house, drugstore and I want to take advantage of the warm weather. That might not sound like much fun, mind but actually, medicine I am looking forward to it. The house is really starting to shape up, but we still have a lot to do.

I bought a few new things for Carole’s Country Store. I love this old wire carrier, filled with old clay pots. They might be English, but I can’t say for sure. I think it would look sweet on a porch or patio. You could use little shot glasses inside the pots to hold water, and fill them with flowers. I loved these old gardening tools too. The yellow ones. They’re from the 1940′s, and they are also for sale in my store.

I remember after my mother moved into assisted living. I was cleaning out her house. I found some of her old gardening tools. These are NOT FOR SALE. For me it was liking finding hidden treasure. I look at them and think of her, a young married woman, in her 20′s, digging in her flower garden. It’s the strangest feeling. She loved gardening and flowers, especially roses.

For me, they are priceless. I also have her ironing board. The only one she ever owned. Can you imagine. The old wooden kind, also from the 40′s. I remember hearing the sqeek it made, when she ironed on it. I want to reccomend a movie. Occasionally, on weekends, Bill and I will watch a movie together. This weekend we watched the movie called Atonement. We made our popcorn, poured our Pepsi, and settled down in anticipation of a good movie. Now I want to make it clear, my honey is a manly man, and he loved this movie. At first he thought it might be a chick flick. He wanted to bail out on it after the first 15 minutes, but he hung in there. We both LOVED it! If you can, get it. It’s a beautiful movie, filmed in England. I have also seen “No Country For Old Men”. This is the movie that got an academy award for best picture. What!? I didn’t like it at all, and to think that it beat “Atonement”, I don’t get it. If you get it, let me know how you like it. I hope you do.
Happy day.

8 Responses to “My Weekend and The Movie-Atonement”

  1. Doreen Frost Says:

    Hello Carole. I too have one of the old 1940′s wooden Ironing boards…..I like to iron..I know….strange as it seems..It’s relaxing to me. The wire basket and garden tools are great.

    I will have to check out looks great.


  2. Rondell Konat Says:

    Hi Carole.
    I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did, I too live in PA. but about 3 hours from you and with the price of gas I doubt I’ll get there anytime soon.sigh I too have an old wooden ironing board and I covered mine in blue ticking and have it standing with a berry wreath attached to it. Love it!! Keep up the great work on your blog it’s very imformative,
    Blessins to you,

  3. Michele Says:

    UGH! 70 degrees! Oh, I envy you, I would love some 70 degree weather right now. Love those garden tools, and I stopped into your website this morning and saw that gorgeous hooked rug! What a beautiful piece.


  4. Miss Maddie's Says:

    Just popped by to say hi and visit.
    The vintage gardening tools are wonderful and I’m sure you’ll treasure them forever. The English flowerpots I have do not have the lip around the top.Their sides are flush.Your’s look sweet in the wire holder and filling them with fresh blooms would be perfect.
    Are you enjoying Dancing With The Stars so far?

  5. Bramble Says:

    I have been enjoying your blog and store for some time now and just wanted to say Hi! Those garden tools are similar to ones I found when cleaning out my Gram’s house, one had the marking’s “Lady’s Aid” with a patent date of 1912! Love all of you posts and the treasures you find, I will be shopping soon! Good luck with the house, we too are doing that right now. Have a great week! Bramble

  6. Carole Says:

    hello Bramble. Thank you for leaving a comment. I love hearing from gals that read my blog! I am so glad that you enjoy my store too. Yes, i’ll need some luck I guess with the house. The market is so bad. I want to sell it for my mother. She can use the money, She has dementia and lives in a very nice place, but the money sure goes quickly!

  7. gayle tweed Says:

    Carole–Just read your blog about Atonement… I saw it in the theatre and it was such a gorgeous sight. The story was eerie, but oh my gosh,the clothing (especially the children’s) and the settings. I wanted to slipcover all my furniture after seeing it. I will definitely watch it again.

    I also love early brown textiles…..

    keep up the good writing and photographing! Your Oregon friend, Gayle

  8. Tammy Franck Says:

    Carole, Thank you for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading your blog very much!! And your shop is amazing! I could buy everything in it! My hubby and I watched that movie No Country For Old Men, and I have to tell you I didn’t like it either and it won all these awards! hmmmm, don’t get it. I going to put Atonement on my list to watch next. I’m sure hubby will watch it with me, he sometimes like those kinds of movies.

    Love your photos!!

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